Cameron Menezes was the ASUCD Controller until Winter 2005. He was also on the ASUCD Senate from Winter 2003 to Winter 2004 and was a member of Student Focus.

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According to the facebook group page of the Christian Democratic Party, Cameron is thier ASUCD advisor.


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2006-07-03 17:00:04 It also says it on the facebook group page...which I believe was again just recently updated after the "vandalism". —EdwinSaada

To be consistent with the demographic issue you can't prove he is an advisor just because I make him one, just as there was an argument as to how many members are in the Christian Slate. Unless you want me to label Paul Harms as another one of our advisors I would stop using facebook to make such wild claims. Upon receiving this message I hope that this comment among all others will end. Steven Ostrowski

  • So you agree that you made him advisor. Does that make him one, under the Christian Slate/Constitution? I thought I saw "The Party Speaker may also make an executive order if an event, opportunity, or occasion is to take place before a meeting is to take place." Sounds like he's an official advisor to me. —BrentLaabs

    • An issue was discussed concerning whether Facebook members could be considered "real members." What came out of that edit war is that the Wiki is canon, not facebook. Steven Ostrowski

      • "Internal positions can be found on their facebook page", according to the wiki. —BrentLaabs

  • Not true. There was no arguement about whether they were real members. I merely said that the statistic you put on the wiki page as members was including everyone in the facebook group including alumni. They could very well be members- the arguement was you didn't want the disclaimer. As it stands, I think it's bs and everyone knows it to try to claim he isn't an advisor, come off of it. This has nothing to do with the members issue at all. I mean, the entire CDP is based off the facebook group, right? So I'll add this relevant information with a disclaimer - for consistency, of course. -ES

2006-07-03 18:30:41   None of the officers are on the Wiki page. —SteveOstrowski

2006-07-03 18:51:11   rofl, let's keep everything secret!! just hide it if people find out and mention it. whatever it takes to win!! don't forget to take his name off every other "X for Senate" group...with such sloppy records hiding, how will you ever have a political career post graduation? —EdwinSaada

2019-02-26 15:01:30   Having accomplished absolutely nothing as the ASUCD Controller, except for putting ASUCD under IRS radar this retired former ASUCD member has been creating accounts of new ASUCD members. You are sick leave those kids alone. Nobody even remembers you and you supposedly was a member of Student Focus but your name isn't even on their page. —Random