Campus Cinema, once its own ASUCD unit, is now part of the Entertainment Council at UC Davis. Often the movies that are shown are free sneak previews, either a few days before release, or screening tests several months in advance. Campus Cinema presents its movies in full 35mm film, and digital sound at 194 Chemistry.

Campus Cinema also shows a wide variety of movies - blockbusters no longer in theaters but not yet on DVD, documentaries, and some obscure art house films and cult classics such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show and film festivals.

Campus Cinema started life as part of the Memorial Union regular activities showing 16mm films. Later, with the founding of ASUCD it became Entertainment Board Films. Finally in the 80's it became so large as to branch off on it's own as ASUCD Campus Cinema with a new facility in Chem 194 with twin 35mm projectors donated by Dolby. Previous Directors were Sarah Hillard (2003-2005), Aaron Brown (2002-2003), James Hirsh (2001-2002), Christie Koehler (1999-2001)...

In 2003 the UC Davis administration renovated Chem 194, unfortunately without regard for it's purpose as a moviehouse, removing the sliding periodic table replacing it with solid panels on the walls (which destroy the acoustics of the room), as well as removing the black perforated mask curtain and replacing it with a solid burgandy drape serving no purpose but to muffle the speakers at the front of the room. Coupled with the proliferation of DVD in dorm rooms ending attendance, the decision was made to halt movies on campus and merge Campus Cinema with the entertaiment council in case free sneak previews were offered. Campus Cinema used watercooled 'reel switching' projectors rather than the common platter technology. Campus Cinema showed Debbie Does Dallas in 1986.

Current Season

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Please stay tuned for future events! Campus Cinema is BACK and better than ever!

Past Seasons

Spring 2003

Director: Aaron Brown


  • 04 Minority Report
  • 05 The Crow
  • 11 The Two Towers
  • 12 PICNIC DAY The Princess Bride - Free.
  • 18 Army Of Darkness
  • 19 The Ice Rink - Another Bruce Campbell, this didn't play as the audience count was zero.
  • 25 Star Wars: A New Hope - This also did not play as the print didn't show up in time.
  • 26 Nine Queens - This also did not play as the audience count was zero.


  • 2 X-Men - Same weekend as X-Men 2 release.
  • 3 The Dish - This also did not play as the audience count was zero and there were planning issues.
  • 9 The Matrix - The week before the sequel release.
  • 10 The Fifth Element or A Beautiful Mind - Cancelled due to budget and planning issues.
  • 16 Miyazaki's Spirited Away - Cancelled due to budget and planning issues.
  • 17-18 UC DAVIS INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDANT FILM FESTIVAL - Cancelled due to planning issues.
  • 23 MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND Spiderman - Cancelled due to budget issues.
  • 24 the Truman Show - Cancelled due to budget issues.
  • 30 XXX - Cancelled due to budget issues.
  • 31 Supertroopers or Officespace - Cancelled due to budget and planning issues.

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2007-01-21 05:20:10   Is this still active? —NathanielFurniss

2007-05-20 19:45:44   I saw Star Wars I here and it was so much fun. The line to the second showing stretched out the door and down the street all the way past The Silo. Bring back the Campus Cinema! —Jedron

2007-10-13 19:10:09   I wish there was a current calender of the movies on this page so I could find something to go watch! I would like to see the movies there. —AnnaF

2008-08-27 20:20:34   I have a movie producer who would like to show her movie on campus. Any idea who I can put her in touch with? —IDoNotExist