A reference list of where to get food on campus. If you're just looking for a soda or quick snack, check out the Campus Vending Machines page. Some buildings have particularly impressive vending selections, and are available at odd hours when "real" establishments may be closed.

Memorial Union

  • Coffee House serves hot food of all kinds, and has a large dining area

Also consider:

The Silo

Also consider:

  • Silo Bookstore across the patio by the Craft Center, the Silo Bookstore sells soda and snacks for lower prices than at the Silo proper

Dining Commons

Also consider:

Other Establishments

Free Food (...Or, so I've Heard)

Fruit Trees

  • Figs - Grows in several places. A couple small trees behind the Vegetable Crops greenhouse off of Hutchison on campus. Also, there are a few trees between Olson Hall and Voorhies Hall.
  • There is at least one grape vine on the fence alongside the Russel bike path west of the main campus, as well as other places around town.
  • The loquat trees in the south courtyard of Cruess Hall - fruit seasonally around late spring.
  • The apricot trees between the Chemistry Building and Everson Hall - fruit seasonally around late spring.
  • An orange tree has fruit year-round just south of Parking Lot 10 (intersection of A St. & Hutchison Dr.). To get the fruit in the winter, you may have to do some tree climbing.
  • The Prickly Pear cactus has edible branches/pads (called nopales) as well as an edible fruit in the summer (the "pear"). Don't take too many nopales, as these cacti grow very slowly. Be sure to watch out for tiny, hair-thin barbed thorns. (Use two forks to pluck these fruit without turning your hand into a pincushion.) They're found in the Arboretum, behind Walker Hall.
    • There's a row of ornamental plums along the west side of F Street between 8th and 9th Streets.
  • For students taking Plant Biology 143 - Evolution of Crop Plants, a free "Crop of the Day" starts off every class meeting.
  • Many university departments, especially Pomology, Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry, and others dealing with plants, have copious amounts of plants that have been used in research experiments. These are usually safe for human consumption, and often go home with University employees or go bad. If you get in good with a professor or TA, (s)he might be able to hook you up.

Prepared Food

  • Free milk and cookies at the MU/Quad tables, from 12:30 to 1:30 during finals days (in 2007, December 10-15). Just to help de-stress students taking finals.
  • Around 2pm, check out the little coffee bar at the MU bus station. They close around 3pm, and tend to dispense free coffee and bagels a little bit before then. Especially if JillBenciWoodward is working that day.
  • Graduate Student Association has free bagels, donuts, fruit and orange juice every Friday for graduate students at their office near the Silo
  • Art show opening receptions tend to have all sorts of free snacks.
  • The food science department often has free taste testings where they ask you deep and meaningful questions about the texture of a cookie.
  • CoHo Bakery - FREE cookie and brownie samples (next to the coffee) grab a couple, make it a cookie.

Food Close to Campus

Northern Border

On the northwest campus border you'll find University Mall, which hosts the following establishments:

Also Consider:

Eastern Border

The east side of campus bumps up directly against downtown Davis, where you can find a multitude of restaurants. Here are those closest to campus:

Also consider:


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