230 A Street, Davis, CA  95616
(incredible location between 2nd and 3rd Streets, immediately across the street
from UC Davis and the Social Sciences and Humanities Building)
New ownership and new management in 2016

Email: shastamarie1221@gmail.com

Fantastic location across the street from UC Davis
Generously sized studios with full size kitchens and bathrooms
Free wireless internet
Onsite laundry facility
Free covered parking directly beneath the complex






Campus Manor Studio Apartments is a small complex just off campus offering 18 single occupancy studio units. Water and garbage collection fees are included in the rent. Minimum leasing contract is for one year. Campus Manor is a smoke-free facility and no pets are allowed.


Detailed description of an apartment unit: approximately 400 sq. ft. total, comprised of approximately 200 sq. ft. living space (carpeted) and approximately 200 sq. ft. kitchen & bath (linoleum floors). Kitchen is equipped with: 4 burner electric range with oven, full-size frost-less refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and built-in cabinets; room divider which consists of built-in bar counter and bookcase; bath area has a full-size tub and shower, commode, pocket door; "grooming" area has a sink and mirror, built-in cabinets plus drawers, and full-size closet.


Rent: $1,130-1,875/mo Type: Studio Apartment Security Deposit: $1,200.00 First and Last Month's Rent: due upon signing lease. Lease period: 9/1/2016-8/31/2017. Bed/Bath: 1 Bedroom (Studio)/1 Bathroom Additional Information: Small studio for a non-smoking quiet student. Studio perks include covered parking, and free wireless internet. Right across the street from UCD. Directly next to eateries such as Raja’s, Ali Baba, 3rd & U, Pho King, and Sam's Mediterranean. Sorry no pets, deposit $1,200, rent ranges between units from $1,130-1,875/mo. First and last due upon signing the lease. Please call email shastamarie1221@gmail.com.

See our Housing Guide for more information on housing in Davis, and our Apartments page for a thorough list of complexes within Davis.


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2005-06-12 14:07:59   I've lived here for a year now and found the manager to be a very nice person. The main plusses are living alone and being right off campus. You really can't beat that combination in my book. —NiareeHopelian

2006-05-02 10:37:22   I also lived here a year without any problems. The location is the best (plus covered parking, not often offered in this area.) The manager lives on site, so is easy to get ahold of—very good at responding to notes. —EliSenior

2008-04-22 21:35:37   what is the current rent for the 08/09 year? —goosey

2008-05-03 20:49:55   I've lived her for almost two years, and I think it's a great place to live. Quiet, you don't have to worry about buying furniture except for maybe a desk and chair, parking, coin-op laundry, an apartment manager who actually enforces the rules and cares about making improvements to the complex - everything a studious student who likes her privacy wants. —Ruthann

2009-01-17 21:02:16   Whats the square footage and lighting situation? —alyssap

2009-04-08 02:48:02   what is the rent for current year 09/10? —ashna.singh

2009-04-14 21:30:28   Is this complex quiet? —nataliesadler

2009-04-26 15:22:45   Do the rooms have full kitchens? —BrianLi

2009-04-26 15:31:55   (By which I mean, a stove top and an an oven) —BrianLi

2009-05-13 14:42:55   To Allysap: It's 400 square feet (200 for bedroom/living room, 200 for bath & kitchen). The lighting is more than sufficient/ample. To Ashna.Singh: Rent for upcoming academic year (09/10): $815 for new tenants, with $800 deposit. To Nataliesadler: Yes, the apt complex is quiet. Everything that a good, studious undergrad/grad student could possibly want. To BrianLi: Yes, every apt comes with a fully equipped kitchen: stove top, oven, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and kitchen sink.


2009-05-13 14:59:18   I've been living for two academic quarters in this apartment complex. It's been great so far. I can find no major cause for complaint. On the manager: Quite possibly, the best apartment manager one can encounter in one's life. Very prompt at fixing things, very responsive to notes you leave on his mailbox; in general, he is a very friendly and informative person. —EddieH

2009-05-16 23:34:41   It sounds like a pretty sweet place — right next to campus and everything. does it get lonely at all? if so how do you cope? :P just wondering! —junniperlee

2009-05-30 21:05:22   Does anyone have any photographs of the inside of these apartments? —nataliesadler

2009-10-03 22:46:43   junniperlee: As a third year transfer moving into a studio, in a complex that already has a reputation for being quiet, I've definitely had some lonely moments. But I think it's worth it, considering how uncertain it can be when it comes to finding good roommates. The positives of living alone outweigh the negatives tenfold!

Also, if you're more of a board games and movie nights kind of person, as opposed to beer pong and crowds, Campus Manor is the perfect place for you :) —SJung

2009-10-28 18:25:12   I thought I'd put up a new comment. I moved in here in early August and I love it. It is nice and quiet. Only occasionally do I hear music or a television from a neighbor and that's easily drowned out with a fan. Another thing, too, the space is plentiful for one person! It's perfect. :-)

And, I love the curtains, SJung! I'm thinking of doing the same thing! —nataliesadler

2009-11-02 15:56:10   hey - so this might be a dumb question but...do you HAVE to get the apartment furnished? I've lived in greystone the last two years (this year will be the third) but now all my roomies are graduating and I'm staying a fifth year so I wanna find some place that's simple for one person and close to campus. this sounds great but I already have couches and a bed and tables and stuff so does anyone know if I can get an empty apartment???

also, I've been used to having my own washer and dryer in my apartment complex at greystone - how difficult, inconvenient, and/or expensive is it to do laundry there??? —brie311

2009-12-03 05:28:38   To brie311: Hi there! To answer your questions on doing laundry, I've been doing mine for a year now in the shared laundry room located on the ground floor. I have no major cause for complaint. The cost is $1 each time you operate the washer or dryer (must be paid in quarters since the machines use coin slots). The only drawback that I can think of is, you have to remove your laundry promptly once you're done. It is, after all, a shared facility and other tenants may be waiting to use the machines. It takes about an hour to do laundry for me: 15 minutes for washer and 45 minutes for dryer. Hope this information helps! —EddieH

2010-01-22 15:05:40   Can anyone post more pictures? I want to see the other part of the studio. It seems so nice at the entrance :D —iciel

2010-03-25 15:26:55   What is the average cost of utilities each month? I live in Florida, but will be moving to Davis for the Fall quarter and I am just trying to gain an understanding of how much it will cost to live there. Thanks. —bnolan1

2010-03-25 15:35:19   What is the average cost of utilities each month? I live in Florida, but will be moving to Davis for the Fall quarter and I am just trying to gain an understanding of how much it will cost to live there. Thanks. —bnolan1

2010-04-03 09:01:19   For me, it's about $30/month for gas and electricity charges. The manager takes care of the rest (water, hot water, garbage removal). —EddieH

2010-04-15 19:40:00   Can anyone tell me how long have you waited for before you get in? I filled out the form in March and haven't hear any thing back yet... —kay701112

  • I haven't lived there, so I can't comment on normal wait times, but for anything where you're applying to get in, it's worth following up to express your continued interest. Touch bases, let them know how interest you are, and it'll be easy to find out what kind of wait you're looking at. —TomGarberson

2010-04-18 10:24:03   Thanks! I did ask the manager one week after I applied. He told me I have a room. but from then on, I have't hear anything from him... I'll ask again anyways. Thank you! —kay701112

2011-05-30 14:38:43   I have lived here for over a year and it has worked extremely well for me: it is SAFE, CLEAN, and across the street from school!!! The manager has always helped me with anything I needed - he shows up after one phone call or one note (that can be conveniently dropped into the mail slot on his door, here on site) and takes care of whatever needs to be done. In sum: EXCELLENT LOCATION and A GOOD MANAGER. —Adri

2011-06-06 16:52:06   Hello. Can anyone please tell me what the office hours are? I'm not in Davis and need to contact the manager but haven't been lucky. Is there any email adress for that purpose? Thanks —MagdalenaB

2011-07-14 06:41:58   Is there an email address of the manager for contact? —YanruLu

2011-09-28 15:59:47   @YanruLu: Tim the manager doesn't have a cell phone, doesn't use the Internet (so no email address), and is out of his apartment for much of the day. So the best way to contact him would be to leave him a voicemail through the 530-number. And because he's out a lot, there aren't any office hours—I'd recommend calling ahead and scheduling something with him.

@Kay70112: Like TomGarberson said, if you filled out a form you should definitely follow up with a phone call and voicemail.

**I honestly think it's the best apartment complex in Davis, so keep calling, leaving voicemails, and trying! Tim emphasizes that there be a studious atmosphere, he is quick to respond to requests, and is one of the best people I've met in Davis. If you're afraid of having to deal with shady apartment managers, leave that worry behind with Tim. I sound like a walking ad but I really enjoyed my time at Campus Manor. I just moved out after a two-year stay and I miss living there so much. It's right between campus and downtown, next door to at least six different food options, and a quiet place to have to yourself.i —SJung

2012-01-09 22:30:09   Can anyone tell me about their experience getting a deposit back? I don't want to get stuck with a manager that unfairly takes your deposit,or a huge chunk of it. Thanks. —maryh

2012-02-22 18:45:18   Hello! Are there any studios left to lease starting in Fall 2012? Also wondering if there are any left for the summer, and if so, if it's possible to begin renting in the summer and then stay in the same room for the Fall? I've tried both the numbers provided on this page, but am still awaiting a response. Are there any other ways to contact Tim the manager? Besides the faxing option, I guess continuing to call and leave messages is best. It doesn't sound like I'd be likely to find him if I tried to visit during the day. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks! :) —LookingForAStudio

2012-02-24 17:25:45   @ LookingForAStudio: I'm a current resident here and I'm graduating/moving out after this quarter. I would love to find someone to take over starting Spring, but if you're interested in moving in during the summer that'd be great too! Shoot me an email at aewu@ucdavis.edu and we can chat =) Btw, unless he's changed his policy, people who move in during summer get priority on rooms for fall. You may or may not end up in the same room. —AngieWu

2012-12-14 22:43:05   I'm moving out in the next few days and my apartment will be available to lease for the winter quarter. Not to sound like a broken record, but it really is a nice place to live. Quiet, extremely close to campus and downtown, and Tim (the landlord) is great. Contact me at camoen@ucdavis.edu if you're interested. —CMoen

2013-01-08 17:36:17   I'm looking to rent a studio here starting from September 2013 to June 2014, if that's possible. What is the availability on the studios here? —YaoSaephan

2013-06-04 16:36:17   I'm looking to sublease my unit for July and August, price is negotiable and it's possible to renew in September! just email me ahaberman@ucdavis.eduHaberman

2014-01-09 10:23:50   So, I have been living in these apartments for a full quarter now, and I understand that I had a quite rapid move in ( had issues with my previous roommate) but there are some things that I wish the manager had mentioned to me prior to move in.

-No nails in walls (only tacks) -Can't let water go above switch if you are taking a bath -In order to get anything done by the manager he needs you to drop off a paper order (no email and can call but he rarely answers and has to get back to you) -The first couple months the manager "checks on" you pretty often which is kinda annoying.

Even through all of this I do like the place. As long as you are good on your own this place is actually pretty nice, just gotta make sure you have friends. If you have good ones who don't mind the slight shabbiness that this place has in spades then it is nice. The location is beyond convenient, I love being able to go anywhere downtown or on campus in a matter of minutes. That being said I am gonna try to find an apartment that has W/D in room, just something that I find necessary enough to merit a move —PhilipDorin

2014-09-09 18:41:25   I thought this place was great at first. Nice location, semi-ok rent, kind of run down but mostly fine. Not so. The manager gets NOTHING done, ever, and is never around to contact. During the summer, the AC kept emitting noxious fumes that made people sick and he avoided addressing the problem, which is NOT okay when you run a place like this. The parking garage is covered but SKETCHY. When I left for the summer and came back with a subleaser, he'd moved all of his own things into MY LEASED apartment and he said that he already had someone lined up and "he thought I'd moved out already", not to mention that the place was MINE to lease through nearly the end of August. Talk about a CON ARTIST. Who knows how long this guy has been taking students' rent and ALSO subleasing their places. Needless to say, I got NONE of my deposit back. DO NOT MOVE HERE, SUPER SKETCHY. Pay the extra $$$ and move into a LEGIT and ESTABLISHED one bedroom somewhere ELSE. —jillcaesar

2014-09-18 18:58:56

I have lived at Campus Manor since 2011 and do not see myself moving anytime soon. This is honestly the best complex I have stayed in. It is in a prime spot, located right across from UC Davis and has all of downtown behind it (which is nice because you can walk everywhere and avoid downtown parking). I especially appreciate how quiet the complex is—definitely helped during exam time. If studying at home isn't your thing, the Shields Library is a 5 minute walk from the complex.

The landlord is easy to reach by phone or if you leave a note in his box. He has always returned my phone calls and taken care of any problems that have arisen. He is a great landlord and a nice guy.

As to the previous posts, I have never had any problems with my AC...and I use it a LOT during the summer. The covered parking is also beneficial during all seasons because it keeps your car cool in the summer and windows ice-free in the winter. I do not know what the person means by "sketchy" parking garage. The landlord does have tools and boxes in the garage...but isn't that what a garage is for?

I have no complaints about the landlord or the complex and love living here. —-K

2015-02-15 19:06:41   I moved in about 5 months ago and while my stay has been okay, I'll definitely be moving out next year. The apartment had a lot of problem when I moved in (the stove and AC were broken. In fact, the entire front of the AC fell off when I first tried to use it...) I also had the electricity go out in half of my apartment for a good month (problem spontaneously resolved itself.) The apartment is in the heart of downtown, so it can definitely be loud. I expected it to be a bit more reasonable given its seclusion from the bars, but it's still very loud. Additionally, my unit is next to the stairs, and the door slams louder than any other door I've ever heard. Literally wakes me up WHENEVER someone comes or goes, which is every time of the day. It's a bit annoying being woken up at 4 in the morning every Tuesday... The apartment is sketchy in general. The parking garage has spray paint all over the walls, and there are tools/junk everywhere. There's a spot in the garage where the roof is leaking, and it looks like the apartment above could collapse at any time. One of the staircases has a huge crack in it and you can literally see the stairs sagging. It looks like it's going to collapse within the next few years. The hallways, garage, and laundry room are very dirty/rundown. The entire complex (20ish units) only has one washer and one dryer, which have taken my money without working before. Signing the lease was sketchy, too. He had signed it over to someone else, but when they didn't pay the deposit he literally just crossed off their name and had me sign it... Not even sure if it's legally binding at this point... The parking garage is so tight that I along with a few other tenants have hit poles. Makes me paranoid to go drive anywhere. The landlord can only be reached by phone, so no emailing. That's a bit annoying. Also, the internet here is practically unusable. I couldn't connect for over a week so I just ended up getting myself Comcast. Yesterday my sink started filling with water while I was gone and overflowed into the kitchen... the water was being backed up from the pipes and it smelled like sewage. I still can't get the smell out. Absolutely disgusting. You can't live with a roommate here, so it's pretty expensive ($915 a month and goes up every year.) It's a bit annoying, since it would be pretty easy to fit two people in the apartments. The landlord can be pretty paranoid. He yelled at one of my friends to "never park here again". My friend was simply getting something out of MY car... Only pros I can think of: The apartment comes furnished and is extremely close to campus. Otherwise, I would avoid. —Bohemian

2016-08-03 11:01:36   Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to contact management? I'm interested in the possibility of an available unit but cant seem to reach anyone via the provided email or phone number... —thargens

2022-05-04 12:22:20   TLDR: Downstairs neighbor of Apt 10’s (Tim Cole in Apt 1) constant unprovoked harassment/tantrums - screaming and loud banging on floor (neighbor’s ceiling) with their walking cane in the middle of the night. Potential lack of sleep -> detrimental to work/study conditions.

I’m writing this review specifically for Unit 10 of Campus Manor Apartments. The whole apartment complex is generally pretty pleasant and with the location, it’s a pretty sought-after place. For the past two years we’ve been dealing with the downstairs neighbor’s harassment.

Tim Cole is an elderly (60s/70s) man who used to be an apartment manager for this complex. He’s lived in Unit 1 for well over a decade, and as such he feels very comfortable in the apartment complex. Having been a previous apartment manager, he’s built a relationship with the owner of the apartment. Thus making it difficult for him to see any consequences for his actions.

We moved in during Summer 2019. Around early-mid 2020, we would be woken up in the middle of the night by loud banging and screaming from the downstairs neighbor. At this time, he would not directly hit our floor (their ceiling), as he seemed to just be annoyed by people walking through the hallway. This would periodically continue for some time over the next few months.

During Christmas 2020, I decided to stay in Davis. I was just walking through the apartment when Tim’s first big tantrum occurred. He would bang on the ceiling and scream. The whole unit shook so badly that I am quite sure he was kicking at the walls as well. This event was pretty terrifying, as we weren’t sure of this neighbor’s mental stability.

We, in Unit 10, are very quiet tenants in the first place. We try to be good neighbors and adhere to all of the apartment rules. At this point we were doing our best to be as quiet as possible (literally felt like walking on eggshells across the apartment). We eventually would literally whisper whenever we would talk, as to try to not provoke Tim.

Over time, these incidences just grew to be more and more frequent. With the pandemic having come around, having such harassment from the downstairs neighbor made it incredibly difficult to study and work in the unit. It has gotten to the point, where if you very slightly shift your chair (while working at the desk/table), Tim would bang on the ceiling and scream. If you wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom or get water, Tim would bang on the ceiling and scream.

Tim thinks that we make loud noises, and that we do this to provoke him. We literally have two cameras in the apartment complex that captures the audio for when he throws his tantrums - while we are sitting around working/doing nothing to disturb him. We literally have records of text messages with the apartment manager regarding these events, as the manager tries to keep a chronicle for his disturbances.

These disturbances have only gotten worse since the apartment complex came under new management. The previous manager, who is now in Law School, was likely to not tolerate this behavior. The new manager is incredibly nice and helpful, but unfortunately is not able to bring an end to Tim’s constant harassment. As such, we are forced to bear all of Tim’s offenses until the lease is up.

Tim’s tantrums seem to be most greatly induced by several events.

  • During the holidays, Tim seems to be incredibly volatile
  • After having people over, regardless of how tame and quiet the visits are
  • After regular volume level voices are used when conversing in the apartment, especially after any fun/laughter is had in the unit

We understand that Tim is an old man who lives on his own, and maybe feels lonely with his lack of interaction with others. But this kind of treatment for his neighbors is unacceptable. He should not be allowed to take his frustrations out on his neighbors. Any sort of empathy/pity towards this neighbor is quickly vanquished by his constant harassment. We have lost plenty of sleep over this neighbor’s actions, and can’t wait to move out of this apartment complex.

If you do end up taking the lease for Unit 10, make sure that you communicate with the apartment manager regarding your neighbor in Unit 1. We felt it necessary to give future tenants a warning regarding this neighbor. Hopefully you don’t have to experience as tumultuous a time as ours during your stay in this unit.