Capoeira is a form of Self Defense that was developed by African slaves in northwestern Brazil. Capoeira was illegal in Brazil until about 1940, but is now recognized and valued as a uniquely Brazilian art-form. Over the past thirty-forty years, the art of capoeira has been brought all over the world, and there are longstanding groups in many countries. Capoeira combines elements of fighting, dance, music, acrobatics and play, into an exciting dance-like fight.

Since 2006, Susan Pike a.k.a. Professora Borbulhas, a student of Mestre Galego, has offered classes in Davis associated with Sacramento-based Capoeira Agua de Beber . Borbulhas has been training capoeira since 2001, and teaching capoeira to kids and adults for more than ten years. Contact Professora Borbulhas at:, or visit the Davis Capoeira Website, and find Davis Capoeira ADB on Facebook.

Classes in Davis are offered at the International House on Tuesdays and will be coming to the Davis Arts Center in January 2017. 

You can also take Capoeira classes with Mestre Galego and Capoeira Agua De Beber at MOVE! Studio at 600 Broadway in Sacramento, or with Mestre Acordeon and Mestra Suelly at The United Capoeira Association (formerly at the Capoeira Arts Cafe) in Berkeley.

There are many other capoeira schools in the Bay Area, including Capoeira USA, Capoeira Mandinga, FICA Capoeira and Capoeira Cordao de Ouro among others! Each of these groups has a unique style and history. Check out the websites of all the capoeira groups listed on this page for class schedules, special events and more.

Have you danced in Davis?

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