Caps: A Drinking Game

Caps is a very popular drinking game in Davis, although it is not known outside of the area very well. There are many variations on the rules, but the basic rules will be the same at almost any party.

  • Two teams of two players sit about two yards apart with a glass in front of each player (any size can be used, but usually a pint).
  • Each team decides on a first player, and then the two first players Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide which team goes first. All glasses are filled with a small amount of beer.
  • The four players take turns throwing bottle caps, attempting to get them into the other team's glasses.
  • If a cap hits the rim, but fails to go in, it is a "Ping" and the glass is filled with more beer.
  • If a cap goes in, the player who was scored against gets to try to retaliate (that is, throw a cap back). If the return toss goes in, the original scorer drinks both beers. If it doesn't go in, the original scorer's team gets a point and the player who was scored against must chug his/her beer. In the event that the return toss is scored, the original scorer gets an attempt to to validate his shot, and point, by making another. Again, the scored against may attempt to retaliate. Thusly, this exchange can continue ad infinitum until someone misses a toss, with the loser drinking both beers.
  • Games are generally played to 5, but often the rules require a win by two.

Feel free to make your own modifications to the rules of Caps. Remember: it is a drinking game, so have fun!

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