Carly Sandstrom is the current ASUCD President. She ran in the Winter 2013 ASUCD Election running on the NOW slate.

Carly is a fourth-year International Relations and Economics double major from San Diego, Calif.

Candidate Statement

Hey Aggies!

We are Carly Sandstrom and Bradley Bottoms and we want to be your next ASUCD President and Vice President! Carly has served as the External Affairs Commission Chair, Chief of Staff to ASUCD President Adam Thongsavat, and was VP of Philanthropy for Pi Phi and currently serves on the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Recruitment Advisory Committee, helps lead fund raising for the ASUCD Scholarship and the UC Davis Jobs Initiative. Bradley currently serves as an ASUCD Senator, is the student representative of the UCD Accreditation Steering Committee, and worked as a Resident Advisor in Segundo, was Chief of Staff to Vice President Bree Rombi, and an Advisor to the Freshmen Leadership Councils.

NOW wants to promote student interests all around our campus. We believe that college should be the best 4 years of our life and ASUCD should support our students academically, financially, and socially.

BRING AGGIES JOBS Students need jobs to pay for college and gain valuable experience. We will maximize student employment in our proposed budget by adding new student jobs . Additionally, we will continue to work with campus departments and alumni to ensure that Aggies are employed not only while attending UC Davis but also after graduation.

MAKE COLLEGE AFFORDABLE NOW AND LATER We are committed to making UC Davis accessible to students of all backgrounds. We will continue fundraising for the ASUCD Scholarship. We will work with the other Student Associations and state legislators to increase funding to the UCs.

AGGIE PRIDE PUB We will establish a place on campus that will feature popular artists in an intimate setting, that students will go to watch Aggies at away games, and where students can unwind in between classes.

KNOW WHAT YOU PAY FOR Many students are unaware of the services ASUCD provides and where their money is going. We will create a marketing unit within ASUCD to direct students to our services.

STRENGTHEN OUR NEWEST UNITS We want to expand the operations of units like Aggie Reuse, Aggie Threads, and the Pantry to ensure students are getting discounted, affordable prices for clothes, school supplies, and books right on campus.

IT’S OUR CITY, SPEAK NOW! There is an obvious disconnect between the city and the students that live here. We will fight for Picnic Day, against the Minor Alcohol Preclusion Act, and work with City Council to create a new Davis Model Lease to improve and protect student rights when leasing properties.

IMPROVE AGGIE PRIDE We want to create an environment where alumni will come back to watch football games, hire Aggies to work for their companies, donate to our programs, and proudly sport their Aggie gear. We will broaden the presence of UC Davis and improve our reputation in the Northern California region by coordinating with administration to make affordable Aggie gear widely available.

Vote SANDSTROM / BOTTOMS for PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT and NOW for Senate #1-6 on February 19th - 22nd at! We are excited for another opportunity to serve our student body. This campaign is for you, so please let us know how we could better serve you at and!

Find Carly on Facebook and learn more about the Sandstrom/Bottoms campaign


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