This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


1403 5th St., in Suite B
Monday through Sunday by appointment only
(415) 215-7975
Carolyn Forlee
Payment Method(s)
Cash and Check

Carolyn received 500 hours of formal massage therapy training through the Massage Therapy Institute and has been working as a massage therapist since October 2008.

Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Carolyn worked in an office environment and therefore understands the needs of those that perform repetitive tasks on a regular basis.

Carolyn’s interest in massage stemmed from an accident in 2004 after being hit by a car while crossing the street. Though she suffered only minor injuries, the accident did re-injure torn hamstrings. She received massages through her physical therapy sessions and through these massages, she realized that not only is massage about being pampered and relaxation but it’s also about easing pain but in doing so, it allows people to regain mobility and comfort.

Carolyn now practices massage therapy at the Davis Holistic Health Center specializing in Deep Tissue and Thai massage, but will often fuse several different modalities depending on each individual's needs. "My goal is to work with clients to ease chronic pain due to repetitive use, as well as to keep athletes primed for top performance. I am constantly striving to better my knowledge base and skill set to be adaptive to the needs of my broad client base."


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2010-02-27 00:32:14   Carolyn is a wonderfully talented massage therapist! I am a massage therapist myself, so I consider my standards pretty high, and Carolyn always leaves me satisfied and rejuvenated. She listens to exactly what I need and is very thorough in the areas I need the most attention. She uses enough pressure to get the release I want, but not too much. I recommend her to anybody looking for quality body work in Davis. —TanyaLawrence

2011-10-02 19:47:28   I've had expensive massages at fancy spas before and never understood what the big deal was; until I had a massage from Carolyn. Her massages were great. During my deep tissue massages she seemed to find all the "crunchy" spots and did a spectacular job of working them out. I'm a triathlete and marathon runner and Carolyn did a great job of keeping my muscles loose and pain free. —BrianCharn

2011-10-03 13:07:24   I've been a client of Carolyn for several months, receiving both Deep Tissue and Thai massage, and have been extremely satisfied with the quality of massage. I was initially drawn to massage as an means to remedy stress and muscle tension, as well as promoting relaxation. After several disappointing sessions with different local massage therapists I was ecstatic to find Carolyn. Her knowledge of massage methods, attention to detail and personalized service is unparalleled. I recommend Carolyn to anybody interested in a quality massage. —TylerLaGue