This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Former Location
706 2nd Street
Former Owners
First owned by local residents Roy and Edith Kanoff, who then sold the business (but not the building) to their longtime managers Gary and Liz Newton. The Newtons sold the business to the Han family in the early 00's.
Business Lifespan
(~1970 - November 2008

Carousel Stationery and Gifts was a local non-chain store selling office supplies (such as file folders and paper in quantity), greeting cards, souvenirs, and decorative knick-knacks, as well as traditional stationery. If they didn't have the office supplies you wanted, they often ordered them to arrive within the week.

There was a huge selection of Webkinz, Lil' Kinz, Trading Cards, Clothes, Mouse Pads, and Figurines.

It was a family-owned business, and the family lived in Elk Grove. Be sure to check out the Columbus Cafe mural on the western outside wall of the building.


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2008-10-13 00:50:20   As of this afternoon, there is a 50% off sale going down. Great deals to find, if you can find a clerk or staff person to ring up your finds. Carousel will be going out of business in a few weeks. The new owners from Elk Grove never achieved the rapport with the community that the former owners had enjoyed. —SredniVastar

2008-11-30 20:21:42   I'm a little sad that this place is gone. I really liked the fact that they were an old-fashioned, independent stationery store. But the truth is that I hardly ever went in there, in part because of the location and the hours, but also because I didn't find the things I was looking for the times that I did go. Maybe it was a better store in the earlier days when it was owned by the Kanoff's and the Newton's — before my time. —CovertProfessor