929 Court Street, Woodland
(Please fill in hours)
(530) 662-1753

Casa de Sapore is an Italian restaurant in Woodland. It used to be called Pietro's. They serve both lunch and dinner here, and have a variety of Italian dishes, including daily specials.

The restaurant is very 70's looking on the inside, including olive green booth seating, and even one of those old "now served" numbers signs in the corner.


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2006-05-25 11:27:35   Casa de Sapore has better Italian food than anything I've tried in Davis. The bread they bring out before your meal is noteworthy, as it comes with a whipped garlic butter that is fantastic, and the Cannelloni in particular is very good. Their dinner salads are very fresh. If I feel like Italian, this is where I go. —AlexPomeranz

2006-08-28 12:01:07   Great place, and I can still say that after working there. Their food is good but it's the bread that keeps you coming back. —LizethCazares

2006-09-11 11:21:32   no offense to the house of flavor...but: ewww. If you consider wine by the glass of the casa de cardboard variety, strange bread accompanied by a seasoned whipped margarine, salad composed of iceberg lettuce and rock hard tomatoes to be "quality Italian food" then by all means- this is the restaurant for you. Upon a recent visit (for some reason my companion wanted to go here instead of plainfield station) service was good- except for the extremely late water glass refilling. I ordered the calamari special which I assumed would be small squid rings and tentacles- but received instead a kind of "steak" which I would not have ordered if it had been clearly described on the menu. I don't mean to be so negative- I mean, these seem like good people and they do have a full bar- but you're much better off...cooking your own food at home. —DianaChristofersen

2008-07-25 19:01:41   I do not like this restaurant. For starters (no pun intended) it is almost impossible for them to answer the phone if you call for a pizza...and it's not because they're busy. Go in the restaurant and see how "busy" they are. Also, they nickel and dime every delivery customer they have. From not providing parmesian when customers request it, to outrageous delivery charges, to skimping on ingredients this is definately a restaurant to skip. Trust me, you won't be back. :< —Holden)caulfield