771 Pole Line Road in (East Davis, near the intersection of 8th Street
Phone: (530) 758-4601
Fax: (530) 750-3788
Information Email: cascade@scprent.com
Maintenance Request Email: service@scprent.com
Office Hours
Monday 9:30 - 12:30, Wednesday & Friday 3:00 - 5:00 or by appointment
Managed By
Star Crossed Properties

Two Bedroom Available December 20, 2014. Call Today for a Tour. One Bedroom to be available in March 2015.

Cascade Apartments is an apartment complex located in East Davis that is managed by Star-Crossed Properties. They are a Small, Quiet, & Family owned and Operated Property with On-site Staff that mantains a high standard of living. Maintenance requests are handled quickly and efficiently. They are a very pet friendly community (even large dogs are welcome). The bedrooms are larger than average, considerably so in the one bedroom units. They assert that they take care of their tenants. "Connecting you with your Home"

East Davis may sound/seem far from the action of Downtown and UC Davis, but since Davis has such a compact design the location of Cascade Apartments is actually quite convenient.

Management Notices


Public Transportation The complex is close to a stop for the L line and within one block from the A line, M line, and P/Q line.

Bicycle - Bike lanes on neighboring streets will hook you up to Davis Bike Loop. There are several bike routes to UC Davis which is 1.3 miles away. For grocery, shopping, some services and dining, the Davis Manor Center is just down the street and Oak Tree Plaza is 0.8 miles north.

Pedestrian - For recreational adventures, Chestnut Park is a nice place to stroll and is very close. Need to get that big dog some exercise? Toad Hollow Dog Park is just half a mile south and so is Sudwerk, the Post office and DMV

Parking - Uncovered parking is available.

Apartment Amenities

Central heat/air Gas stove Garbage disposal Frost-free fridge Dishwasher Extra closet space Cable hook-up Balcony or yard Wireless Internet for free through Instaconnect

Complex Amenities

24/7 Laundry room service Off-street parking Uncovered parking for no fee Quiet atmosphere Pets allowed Well Maintained Hablamos Espanol Service request can be submitted online, in person or over the phone


Apartment sizes and rents

Floorplans and prices [as of 05/15/2012]:

Apt Size
Sq. Ft.
1/1 Flat with Balcony
1/1 Flat with Yard
2/1 Flat with Balcony
2/1 Flat with Yard
2/1 Flat
1/1 Flat
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2006-07-18 07:34:18   Cheap apartment with revolving door management. Ken and Christine were awesome, now were stuck with some managers who hate all the tenants. We are moving because of lack of communication between our landlord, managers, and us. New managers have some weird problems. Washers and dryers are expensive! The price just got raised to 1.25 a load. These apartments are only good if you have nowhere else to live with your pets. They accept all pets. Management (ken and christine) used to get things done. Now drag their feet for everything. New managers don't know how to fix anything. The bus line is a good walk from the complex. —BlueZoey

2006-08-05 09:58:43   hi zoey, i am about to move into sherwood, another complex run by the same management. i agree—ken and christine are good, they always reply to emails. i read at apartmentratings.com that it can be very difficult to get your deposit back from tom cross, the owner. did you encounter a similar problem? —ChingChing

2007-01-03 17:32:00   ChingChing: YES to your question about the deposit. Sorry for the late answer (just found Davis Wiki again). My initial deposit was higher than the new rates, PLUS I had a pet deposit. He did not reference the old lease so he initially tried to keep over $500 in deposit, plus cashed our checks for pro-rated rent and STILL tried to take it out of the deposit. He can be very rude about the deposit. He kept sending checks with the wrong amount, and we still never got our full amount back. He probably owes us about $250 still but I gave up a long time ago. —TammyChan

2009-06-13 10:18:08   We've been at Cascade for four years now and are moving to Australia this summer. The advantages of this place for us have been its reasonable price, good location for a Sac commuter and Davis Grad student, and its policy of allowing larger friendly dogs. We've been in the larger two bedroom bottom units and were able to create our own garden and storage space in the fenced-in back of the unit. The cabinets and carpet in our apartment are pretty outdated. I'd expect that the carpet would be replaced to the newer, less 70s version I've seen put in vacated units. The best part of the kitchen has been the relatively new gas stove and dish washer. The ceiling fan in the kitchen is another updated 'modern' fixture that we have used a lot. We've had good luck with the on site management when it comes to the maintenance issues (the usual stopped up sinks, curtain rod replacements, air filter replacements etc.) The AC/heat system has never been a problem and is quite and efficient. My monthly PG&E average has been about $38.00 for the whole year. Tenant demographics: mix of working professionals/grad students/some undergrads/I believe one family with a child. We liked the fact this apartment complex is small and relatively quite. Parking has never been an issue. —jcrocker

2010-03-18 16:42:10   Have lived here for a year and a half now. Initially had a two bedroom upstairs apartment. Very large. The carpets and flooring in all the rooms was brand new. New light fixtures etc. No problems with maintenance. The complex is located in a fairly quiet area. No parties going on at all hours of the night. However, it is right next to a nursing home that has an outdoor loudspeaker and daily garbage pick-up at some ridiculously early hour. This took a little getting used to, but after a month or so we just slept right through it. Last year we moved to a one bedroom apartment (also upstairs). We were interested in getting one of the downstairs apartments, because each has a yard. However, the sizes of the yards varies widely. I believe that two of the yards are fairly large, while the rest seem to be rather small. The one-bedroom we rented had different (older) carpets and flooring, however, the flooring was still in good condition. Still no major repair issues - although our dishwasher has never worked to my satisfaction (in either apartment). I think maybe I'm just picky about clean dishes though, as other people who I know that rent here use the dishwasher and seem to have no problems. As far as the management goes, we've had two managers in the last two years. Both were very nice and reachable. The most recent manager was let go last month and it does not appear that they are replacing her, as they are currently trying to rent her apartment. If you are considering renting here, make sure to check if there is an onsite manager, as this seems to be very important in terms of getting repairs taken care of quickly. All in all, I've enjoyed renting here! May stay another year, but haven't yet decided. —ErinAL

2010-03-18 16:59:48   Forgot to mention that the internet is really spotty. . . is this normal for free wireless provided by the apartment complexes in Davis? —ErinAL

2010-10-05 16:20:20   I would discourage anyone from renting an apartment here. When I first moved in, I wasn’t able to move in on the day indicated on the lease because, according to the owner, the prior tenant moved out late, thus he couldn’t have the unit ready in time. When I asked if my first month’s rent would be pro-rated, he said “no” because it “wasn’t his fault” that the prior tenant moved out late. I argued that it may not be his fault, but it was his responsibility to ensure that the new tenant is able move in by the date stated on the lease, or a deduction on the first month’s rent should be made for the days I wasn’t able to live there. After much resistance on his end and innumerable telephone calls by me, he finally agreed to prorate my rent. As far as the complex itself, the walls are paper thin – you can hear everything your neighbors are saying/doing. The units are on a busy street, and if your unit is facing the street, the traffic noise is unbelievable. The bathrooms are tiny – comparable to an airplane’s restroom! Storage space is minimal. The folks who care for the landscaping start their work at 8 a.m. on Saturdays (leaf blowers, mowers, etc.) and Davis Waste Removal trucks for the complex and for the facility next door are incredibly noisy and seem to be there every morning. But the worst part of living here is the conduct of the owner, Tom Cross. The place was not particularly clean when I moved in (I took pictures to prove this) and when I moved out, I cleaned the place top to bottom. It was spotless and definitely in better condition than when I moved in. The on-site “manager” checked my place just before I cleaned and after. She stated that my place was “very clean,” that no additional cleaning or repairs were necessary, and that I would get my deposit back, minus a $55 carpet cleaning charge, which I did agree to. I took pictures of the place after I cleaned it, just in case – and I am SO glad I did. Tom deducted $225 from my deposit, plus $60 for carpet cleaning. I objected and we exchanged several emails, in one of which he stated that even though the on-site manager said that the unit was clean, she was “not in the position to assure a tenant of the status of the security deposit refund.” This is baloney. In addition, he stated that while I did clean the place well, I “overlooked a few things.” He then listed the tub, doors, sinks, walls, floors and just about everything else in the apartment as not having been cleaned. Very long story short (and many email exchanges later) he backpedalled once he found out I took “after” pictures, in addition to the “before” pictures I provided when I moved in. Even then, he asked if we could grab a cup of coffee to discuss it and “meet in the middle” (meaning he still didn’t want to give me my full deposit back minus the carpet cleaning fee) but I stood my ground, knowing I had the photos and that I indeed did clean the place thoroughly. I told him the only venue I wanted to meet him in was small claims court. I liken the management of this place to that of a slumlord’s property. If you do a bit of research, you’ll find that there are much nicer places in Davis that are less expensive and take dogs, as well. If you do move in here, just know that you will not receive your full deposit back regardless of whether you clean it or not and if you want to receive the full deposit back, make careful “before” notations on the check-in sheet (I did) when you move in, take “before” photos of every nook and cranny, and make sure you take photos after you clean – and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself! —ShelleyB

2010-10-27 21:00:16   The only reason I WOULD EVER LIVE WITH A OWNER LIKE IS FOR MY DOG >.< but how is the noise ( traffic and dumpster)?? Im a light sleeper and im moving out of my dorm because i live right next to the freeway and cant sleep. What units hear the MOST Traffic ??? Or the LEAST NOISE? I was thinking of moving into a one iwth a backyard but not if i have to live with noise >.<x —SabrinaT

2010-11-09 17:58:51   Sabrina. If you would like to move into cascade, I would recommend the units located facing the street. I live on the unit located in the back....and right next to this unit is a senior center. And OMG...the dumpster guys are there almost every morning. It was SO annoying at first, but I got use to it. I don't hear it anymore. And I do consider myself a light sleeper.

Other than that, that is the only thing I have to complain about this place. 99% of the time, it is very quiet. Perfect for studying. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask me :) —Jackie89o

2011-03-01 22:33:36   I've had a great experience living at Cascade Apartments thus far. I can't complain. I'm not one to leave comments but was compelled to do so due to a recent maintenance fix that management was able to get to pretty quickly. We had an annoying leak in our shower on/off handle where water ran off the top edge of the tub and onto the bathroom floor. We submitted a "maintenance request" and a few hours later we had a guy in our apartment checking out the problem. A plumber arrived shortly thereafter and replaced a faulty cartridge in minutes. Problem fixed. Awesome work. As far as noise, it's a smaller apt complex, don't know why people are complaining on here, it's fairly quiet all the time, too quiet for some, I would say. —DavidMateos

2011-03-20 10:10:25   I've been at Cascade for 2 and a half years now and have lived in both the 2 and 1 bedroom apartments. My fiance and I are generally pleased with the place and intend to continue renting here until we're done with our grad studies. The complex is not noisy as many of the comments claimed, but relatively quiet compared to some of the larger complexes in Davis. The apartments that face onto Pole Line (the busier street) have double paned windows in the front, cutting down traffic noise considerably. It's true that there are garbage pickups and loudspeaker announcements from the nursing home next door early every morning, but I imagine there are similar noises throughout Davis. You learn to sleep through it. We've had a few maintenance issues that were fixed in a reasonable amount of time, and in general find the management easy to deal with. Just this morning, for example, I woke up and found that a large tree limb had fallen into the driveway from the storm last night. It was cleared up and the driveway was accessible within the hour. I also think this is one of the less expensive places in Davis that allows large dogs (I have a 50 lb dog). I believe most of the neighbors have dogs, so yeah, there is some barking occasionally, but people are really good about keeping their pets quiet. Overall, I think this is a great place for older students (please don't move in if you're going to throw loud parties!) and a few families who also live here. —ErinAL

2013-08-02 13:56:40   We lived at Cascade Apartments for almost 3 years and loved it. The prices were very good for Davis.

We choose Cascade because they allow big dogs and the apartments are large and well taken care of. The environment was calm and quiet, which was perfect as I worked from home and my grad student girlfriend was able to study from home all day long.

The management was always willing to work with us through things like a sublet during the summer and an early move out from our lease. All of our maintenance requests were taken care of promptly. They keep the grounds well maintained with a crew coming in every weekend to mow and trim.

Parking was always easy, and there were always open spaces for our friends & family to use when they visited. The A/C worked great, making it comfortable.

Overall I would highly recommend Cascade Apartments! —ShawnFisher

2016-06-27 22:46:27   I am thinking about moving here and it looks like a really great place to live. Is anyone available to chat about what it is/was like to live here? —ZoeHere

2022-09-14 23:23:54   I would also highly discourage anyone from renting an apartment here. When I first moved in, the apartment was dirty and damaged and onsite facilities like wifi and laundry were not available to me for two weeks. When I finally complained to management I was lied to in email, threatened in an audio recording, then harassed and retaliated against with raised rent. When I complained I could not get passed the middle management who did it or other managers who also didn't care. I eventually pressed the issue in a formal complaint to the owners who seemed to care less about it than the initial manager. The only good thing about the place seems to be the onsite manager, who turned out to be a major false advertisement. I would avoid renting here if possible. —renter