This caterpillar wants to be your friend. Please make your way down to Central Park and say hi to her. The Caterpillar Sculpture made her debut in the Central Park Gardens in the fall of 2010. She is a large, climbable Monarch caterpillar with big red lips and a plethora of stockings and footwear. She was created by Solomon Bassoff and Domenica Mottarella (who together go by the name Faducci), of North San Juan. A contest was held in fall 2010 to name the Caterpillar and "Bellapede" was chosen.

Any relationship to the Art in Public Places program? And on a side note, is there a page anywhere for art in public places that isn't Art in Public Places program-related? —TomGarberson

-I'm not sure if its related to the Art In Public Places program. There is a link on the Central Park Gardens website (see the Central Park Gardens page), that talks about the sculpture. There is no mention of the Art In Public Places program though. To the second question, yep. Town ArtJefftolentino