Half of the musical duo Duval Speck, musical partner of Linda Duval, and formerly Manager On Duty and Safety Director at the Co-op. When she was a night manager, you'd know she's there when you heard closing announcements from "The Queen."

Cathy has been diagnosed with ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and has shared this message (from December 2008, with just a few editorial changes to help Wiki readers):

I hate to explain this on email, but I'm wiped out —so here goes. [...] I've been seeing a neurologist since just after Thanksgiving,doing many, many, tests,etc. For awhile, I've been having the symptoms of early ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also known as Lou Gerhrig's Disease.) I got my DNA results Tuesday. I have the same gene mutation as my brother Larry. This is bad and sad news. So, here we go on a wild ride. I am being referrred to the ALS specialists in Sacramento. ALS is a terminal illness. There is no cure. The only treatment, really, is to keep me as comfortable as possible. Right now, by biggest problems are extreme fatigue, fasiculations, increasing muscle weakness & loss, and my right shoulder and arm are sore & bothersome. However when you see me right now, you might not be able to tell. I started warm water therapy yesterday at Davis Atheltic club and it felt really good. For those moments, my body did not hurt. I'll be doing some wacky sleep lab tests at Sutter Hospital in Sac in the near future. I will be offering to help the ALS researchers at Northwestern Univ in Chicago where my brother Larry and I and some family members are part of a clinical DNA study.. I want them to use me (my body) all they want , so maybe I can help find the cause and cure, or at least something to help fight ALS in the future. My brother Larry died of ALS in june [2008].(Linda and I were his primary caregivers.) My mom died of it at age 52: she was 49 when she was diagnosed. I am 49. My mom's aunt died of it when she was 54. so, what I've got is familial ALS, whcih is the more rare type. I am an "open book" about all of this, so please feel free to ask questions, express your feelings etc. I am so sad for Linda. We are making a new CD, and hope to release it in 2009. I need to sing while I can. My ability to sing and talk will be greatly affected down the line. I intend to work as much as I possibly can [...]. So for all of us—Now is the time to have fun and celebrate love , life and laughter, and SONGS! With lots of love and gratitude to you for your enduring friendship and good humor, and nasty jokes. xxoo, Cathy Speck PS more info is available at www.alsa.org you may share this info with anyone/everyone