Who knew? Celebrities sometimes perform in our humble town!

Past Celebrity Performances & Appearances


  • Saul Williams spoke at [Freeborn Hall].
  • Girl-Talk performed at Freeborn Hall, dance party style!
  • Richard Stallman came to UC Davis.
  • AFI played a show at Freeborn Hall on March 1st as part of their 'Love Like Winter' tour, the first time they'd played Freeborn Hall since 2003.
  • Nickatina played a show at a Davis frat for charity Spring of 2007.


  • World-reknowned activist Angela Davis spoke at Freeborn Hall on Tuesday, Oct. 11.
  • Grammy-winning eclectic folk-trash/rock musician Beck played to a full house in Freeborn Hall on May 24. The opening act was indie pop/folk group Lavender Diamond.
  • Award-winning journalist and Democracy Now! radio host Amy Goodman appeared at Freeborn Hall on Friday, May 5, acting as moderator for a talk about Guantanamo Bay. Featured speakers were Center for Constitutional Rights president Michael Ratner, former U.S. Army Muslim chaplain at Guantanamo James Yee, and author Alfred McCoy (A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation from the Cold War to the War on Terror).
  • Grammy-nominated rapper/hip-hop artist Common came to Freeborn Hall on Sunday, April 30. Opening acts were Ms. Mariana of Sac-to and DJ Mike Relm of SF.
  • World-reknowned physicist, environmentalist and activist Vandana Shiva spoke in 194 Chem on April 25.
  • CA Green Party gubernatorial candidate and former U.S. presidential candidate Peter Camejo spoke in Wellman Hall on Monday, April 24.
  • Rwandan Paul Rusesabagina, the inspiration for the movie Hotel Rwanda, spoke at the Mondavi Center in Winter 2006.
  • Ric Burns, documentary filmmaker and brother of documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, appeared Winter 2006 Mondavi Center screening of his film about writer Eugene O'Neill.
  • Politician John Edwards, former U.S. vice presidential candidate and former U.S. senator (D-NC), spoke at the Mondavi Center in 2006.
  • Actor Mike Farrel, former TV star (M*A*S*H) and anti-death penalty activist, presented at the Mondavi Center in January of 2005 and is scheduled again in April of 2006.


The Grateful Dead play at Davis Pavilion, 1982.

  • Matmos, the experimental sound performance art duo, appeared at the Mondavi Center during Fall 2005.
  • Laurie Anderson, a reknowned performance artist, appeared at the Mondavi Center in 2005.
  • Herbie Hancock, the famed jazz musician, appeared with bandmates for a performance at the Mondavi Center in 2005.
  • Ralph Nader, the face of the Green Party, spoke at the Varsity Theatre downtown in 2005.
  • Jackie Greene, a well-known musician, performed at the Varsity Theatre downtown in 2005.
  • Anne Bogart, a famous theater director, ran rehearsals at the Mondavi Center in 2005 for one of her shows. She also came to the Department of Theatre and Dance in 2002 as a Regents' Lecturer.
  • Musical group Nine Inch Nails played at Freeborn Hall in March 2005.
  • Mos Def, the hip-hop rapper and actor, performed at Freeborn Hall in 2005. Unfortunately for fans, he came two hours late to the performance.


  • Musical group the Pixies performed at Freeborn Hall in 2004 as part of their warm-up tour prior to their reunion tour.
  • Cassandra Wilson, an enduring jazz songstress, performed at the Mondavi Center in 2004.
  • Science fiction author David Gerrold was the keynote speaker for the Code Pink Rally in October 2004.
  • Musician Bob Dylan performed at the Pavilion at ARC in 2004.
  • Anna Deavere Smith, playwright, author, and actress, spoke and performed at the Mondavi Center in Fall 2004.
  • Musical group The Shins played a concert in Freeborn Hall. The opening acts were The Decemberists and Bishop Allen.
  • Director Michael Moore spoke at the Mondavi Center. His anti-intellectual schtick involved embarrasing about eight undergraduates with 4.0 GPA's for not knowing who the Prime Minister of Canada was or who their political representatives were.


  • Stephen Hawking gave a talk at the Mondavi Center and attended a conference.
  • AFI played Freeborn Hall on April 4th. This show was their first direct support show for Sing the Sorrow, and has since become notorious for both the fact of them playing the mentioned album in its entirety, as well as one of only two performances where they've played '...But Home is Nowhere' live.



  • The Grateful Dead played at the Pavilion on March 14th, 1982.

Mac Dre came to Davis in 03, same with Andre Nickitina, but I think that was a later date —StevenDaubert