2650 Lillard Dr. (Peregrine School South Facility)
Service Hours
Sundays: Meditation at 10:45AM; Service at 11:00AM
(530) 302-5738
Official Website
Center for Spiritual Living, Davis

The Center for Spiritual Living is a trans-denominational spiritual community that embraces all paths to the divine. Their stated purpose is "transforming minds, hearts and lives." They use the facilities of Peregrine School South Facility.  As of January 1, 2015, they have a new senior minister, Rev. Sara Nichols.  Rev. Sara is a dynamic speaker who has been a lawyer and a public interest lobbyist for consumers and workers in Washington DC and Sacramento for 20 years.   Rev. Sara is offering a weekly meditation phone class on Wednesdays at 7am.  See www.CSLDavis.Org for details.

Licensed practitioners are  Joyce Bahati, Bobbie Bolden, Betty Cooper, Tina Greene and Dr. Debra Taylor

Vision Statement

"All is well"


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2013-01-29 21:08:05   The practitioners are amazing. I have been dealing with chronic illness and they were incredibly helpful over the phone, offering prayers and support. The prayers are amazing and uplifting. Thank you to all of the practitioners. —CyberCat