Server Colocation
200 Paul in San Francisco
Operations: 24 hours
+1 415 462 2991
March 2004

Cernio provides internet solutions to professionals. Thanks in large part to the excellent example of the Davis Food Co-op and inspiration drawn from Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy, Cernio is in the process of becoming a for-profit multi-stakeholder cooperative based in British Columbia, Canada. While Cernio hasn't had a physical presence in Davis for quite some time now, its Davis roots are strong.

The Davis/Sacramento members and potential members meet occasionally at Mishka's or Delta of Venus to talk about our projects, technology in general, politics, etc. There are weekly virtual meetings to accommodate all members, including folks in Hawai'i, Florida, Europe, Canada, etc. Please inquire if you'd like to participate.

Davis Wiki currently uses Cernio for its colocation needs.


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I am interested to know what happens in Davis, since the DC seems to be in Santa Rosa (or there'bouts)? Is it just a satelleite admin office or something? —DomenicSantangelo

2005-12-02 13:32:42   The following activities have been known to occur at the Davis office: talking on the phone, email communications, book reading, web browsing and design, holding meetings, writing and reading documents, accepting and refusing clients, hiring and firing consultants, AR and AP work, configuring and testing servers, systems administration, more systems administration, sleeping in between long workdays, and procrastination. What does your employer do at its Davis office? —GrahamFreeman

2005-12-02 13:39:03   *looks around for Graham spying on his office* .. the same.... haha! awesome. —DomenicSantangelo