Role of a mortgage planner

The work of a mortgage planner goes beyond what a loan officer usually does. A mortgage planner might ask questions a typical loan officer won't ask, such as how long you plan to be in a home, whether your income is increasing or decreasing, or how risk averse you might be.

The reason for this difference is because mortgage planners see mortgages as a tool to meet your financial goals, and not just a loan. They incorporate your mortgage into your overall financial picture by analyzing your current financial situation and looking at your debt, retirement and savings goals, among other things.


Mortgage planners undergo training in topics including financial market and interest rate analysis, cash flow and debt analysis, real estate investment planning, mortgage and real estate taxation, and ethics. Then they must pass a test before becoming certified or given the designation of a certified mortgage planner. Some mortgage planners are required to complete continuing education every year.

One organization that provides such certification is the Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist Institute.