Evan Mayse studying Torah with Rabbi Brownstein

732 Anderson Rd
(530) 756-3727

Chabad of Davis is a Jewish community center/synagogue that accepts Jews of all beliefs. The Rabbi here is Rabbi Shmaryahu Brownstein.

If you're Jewish, and you're not sure what a Chabad House is then you should come for some Shabbat, because words can't describe a Chabad house.

Don't be intimidated if you're not particularly observant, as they are very accepting of all. Every time that this writer has gone to services or to the Rabbi's house for dinner, she has seen at least one person in clothing that isn't particularly Orthodox (ie jeans). You will not be judged, rather you will be welcomed...we're happy to have more Jews attending (and eating the delicious food that Sorole, the Rabbi's wife who just so happens to be from Italy, cooks).

Chabad is Hebrew: חב״ד., and for those who can't read Hebrew, it is pronounced [xAbAd] (transcribed according to the X-SAMPA system). The 'Ch' should be pronounced like the 'ch' in "Bach", but Americans tend to pronounce that wrong too, as that sound doesn't exist in the English language.

They have a program called Taanya and Pizza on Thursday at noon at the tables in front of the quad.