Rev. Chad Van Schoelandt unsuccessfully ran for ASUCD Senate both on the Friends Urging Campus Kindness slate in the Winter 2005 ASUCD Election and on SOSSS in the Fall 2004 ASUCD Election.

He was on the ASUCD Elections Committee from Fall 2005 to Spring 2006. He was also a member of the ASUCD Internal Affairs Commission before being forced to resign due to his position onthe Elections Committee.

Some refer to him as "Hanging Chad" van Schoelandt, by analogy to the relevance of "hanging chad" to elections.

Chad was a controversial figure on campus and in ASUCD, but was a driving force for quite a bit of change with UCD's student government. From new campaiging techniques, to legislation to well-run elections, Chad left a positive, if not often controversial, legacy.

Chad was also a co-founder of both Friends Urging Campus Kindness and Students for an Orwellian Society Slate. He recruited Rob Roy to run for ASUCD Senate.

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2007-11-28 23:38:36   Chad Van Chewlanparty - or whatever his name was. I really miss that guy. He was good for Davis and a humble yet iconic figure on campus for his time here. I would call him the Dennis Kucinich of Davis because he could fit everything in that fanny pack of his. —RobRoy