Sorry, it's kind of hard to explain this drinking game without a proper visual, but I'll do my best.


  • Crappy beer (e.g. Natty Ice)
  • Cups (one for each person)
  • One much larger cup/mug
  • A quarter

The Game

Put a large cup in the center filled with beer, then each person takes their own cup (all equally full with beer) and makes a circle with them around the larger one in the center. Then each person takes turns bouncing the quarter. If the quarter...

  • Misses: The next person takes a shot at it
  • Lands in someone's personal cup then that person must finish their beer in order to get the quarter out. This rule holds true even if it lands in your own cup.
  • Lands in the large cup then everyone must grab their cup and chug their beer as fast as they can. The last person to finish must also drink the beer contained in the large cup in the middle.