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I'm pretty sure they have cute floor plans. A one bedroom apartment will run about $780/month.

2006-02-01 00:28:54   Chaparral management is very friendly and very accomodating. The rent is pretty competetive and I'm very satisfied — in fact, I've lived here for two years! There seems to be a slight ant problem towards the beginning, but when the management is notified, they deal with it immediately and the ants haven't come back since the first month or so. —LiRic

2006-09-28 17:14:21   Yeah, I have lived here for a month and Chaparral has been letting me down every week. No cable outlets in the room(they want $250 for that), takes a while to get things fixed because they only have one handyman I believe(nice guy though) and a lot more. Also getting matched up with people to live with is quite a gamble but that's me. —SteveBlais

2007-01-02 09:32:20   I've lived here for 3 years. It's a great place with nice staff. BTW a 1 bedroom costs $870 now. —ChapRes

2007-02-22 18:16:28   1 bedrooms here are now $915 per month. The unit itself is rather cozy with plenty of storage spaces. Given the size of the unit, however, the current rental fees feel a bit high, especially since the room itself is a little on the smaller side (8x12 feet) —AbbYu

2007-03-17 22:00:58   I'm pretty sure that dogs are not allowed. The dogs allowed list needs to be re-vamped. —KatHa

2007-04-14 22:25:18   There's a cat that likes to come into my apartment and hang out. This evening it was particularly aggressive. I put it out several times and it kept trying to come back in. Does anyone know who's cat this is? —EfremRensi