Fourth O' July Shindig 2k5

Some Assholes playing 7.04.05

This house is the most patriotic house in Davis. It is on 5th & G St., near The Co-Op. Former KDVS General managers JustinKable and TeresaKenny are former residents and MickMucus currently live there. They used to have frequent House Shows starting at 2 in the afternoon and they actually get people to show up that early. But people are messy bastards and, even though bands would come from Japan to play this house, Mick got tired of cleaning up after people and doesn't put on many shows anymore.

I'm New to this WIKI, can someone please tell me how to send a person a message? All I want to know is how I can ask the people that live in the houses that put on shows if my band can play at their house sometime? I'm not sure how to do that and would appreciate any help someone can give me thanks! -Brianna Russell