230 J Street
(Central Davis, between 2nd Street & 3rd Street)
King Properties: (530) 753-0121
Instaconnect wireless internet for free
Cable access
Central air Wall heater & wall a/c
Laundry - Two washer/dryer pairs
Gas stove (in some units, not others)
Paper-thin ceilings

Chateau Apartments is a small, older complex offering two-bedroom flats for $1400/month with recently remodeled bathrooms [2011]. The complex offers September-September leases.

Chateau offers fully enclosed carports To learn more about rental housing in Davis, check out our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.


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2005-09-03 10:20:55   I just moved into Chateau yeasterday, and some of the stuff here is wrong, at least for my apartment. As far as I can tell, there is no microwave in my apartment, or real central air. There is one air conditioning type large vent above the kitchen/living room, but its controls are too high up for me (5'3") to reach. True DSL is not provided, but instaconect is. Contrary to what they say, it's nowhere near as fast as DSL and at least at my old apartment, Sequoia (North Davis on Sycamore), was incredibly unreliable. EDIT: Instaconnect guys are trying to increase the speed of my connection because of this post. I am impressed, I didn't even call or ask them. Good job instaconnect. You're getting better. I also haven't had any reliability problems with internet here at Chateau. —LuisdelaTorre

(You should figure out if you're supposed to have a microwave/laundry, and if not, edit the items out of this page)

2006-01-04 01:24:27   We have a microwave....it looks like it is one of the first models, but we do have one. heh. —GeorgeLewis

2006-01-22 16:56:13   Chateau is one-half block away from the Amtrak Station. Good for trainspotting, but bad for noise. —MattJurach

2007-07-16 19:58:25   any idea if I'm allowed to bring my cat? —AynReyes

2008-10-14 11:50:10   Oh wow, where do I begin. Chateau Apartments is as comical a name for this place as you can find. For that matter, the "King" in King Properties probably stands for how they treat you like lowly pieces of crap. Do not move-in here if you have a chance. King Properties did little to alleviate the issues of the meth-heads living in two separate rooms above us. They broke our fence (twice), they made constant disruptions. On top of putting up that business, King Properties has the audacity to overcharge us (like $900 off a $1600 deposit) at the end of our lease.

If you find yourself in a bind and having to move in here, do what we didn't and DOCUMENT EVERYTHING with photographic evidence. There has to be proof of the already pre-existing crappy conditions of the place. Otherwise, King Properties will gleefully rape you on your deposit with nary an apology. —MK

2012-07-10 22:10:55   Do not move in here!!!! Ever since day one it has been problem after problem. The landlord doesn't respond to any form of communication and there is no emergency maintenance line. If something goes wrong, it is your responsibility to get it fixed because you will never get a hold of the landlord. Only plus side is that it is a great location. That is about it. It is righ next to the train station and it is very loud, the walls are thin as paper and you can hear EVERYTHING going on in the complex. Don't make the same mistake I did and find a place where you can rely on the landlord of your heater breaks in the winter or if you get mice because this one won't lift a finger.  —SRoz

2016-01-27 00:08:40   It's been about 4 months since I've lived here, and I must say, if you are a gamer do NOT come here. Instaconnect is utterly horrible and I average ~200-300 ping in games such as League of Legends and Counter-strike on good days, some days you can't even stream Youtube videos (gaming is obviously out the window). If you're not, well, the trains are nearby but you get used to them, and the walls are surprisingly thick which is nice. Also, it's within easy walking distance of downtown. —leperphilliac

2016-06-03 23:30:41   Chateau apartments managed by King properties. Truly awful place for $1400 bucks a month. May through October you have to sleep in your living room because it's too hot to go into the bedrooms since the wall air conditioner is from the 80s and can't cool the place. They said they won't replace it. If you open your windows to let in air the train noise is deafening. The outside of the apartments are ugly and embarrassing, roof shingles unpainted or missing, rusted stairs and balcony railing, holes in the laundry room walls, odd unfinished paint jobs everywhere. Then add to that the constant weekend parties from tenants, drunken people shouting in the parking lot and the co-op houses next door... I'm counting the days until my lease ends. The location wasn't worth it. —ernims