This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


737 Russell Boulevard
University Mall on the Anderson Road side
Permanently closed
(530) 746-2272
March 2016

Chendu Style was a restaurant specializing in authentic Sichuan style Chinese food. In any given region there are establishments that are simply unique gems. You will look back in your old age and tell your children about how good they were and how you will never find another restaurant like that again. Your children will have no idea what you're talking about but will politely nod their heads. Chengdu Style is one of these. 

In traditional Sichuan fashion, Chengdu Style's cuisine draws heavily on the flavor profile of Ma-La (麻 辣), which describe a numbing sensation (Ma) and the famous Sichuan spiciness (La). The most unique aspect of the food comes from the Sichuan pepper spice which slightly numbs the mouth, allowing the consumer to tolerate more spice than usual while contributing an eating experience unparalleled in other cuisines. Some of Chengdu Style's entrees that best accentuate this flavor style are the 'mapo tofu' and the 'deep fried tofu with ball pepper,' both of which are highly recommended. Note that this is very different American Chinese food which largely originates from Chinese immigrant laborers of the 19th century. From Chengdu Style you can expect real Sichuan dishes in the style of its capital, Chengdu which is an official UNESCO city of gastronomy.

For the quality and price of the food, Chengdu Style is excellent. For the ambiance and service, maybe less so. If you are someone who expects the wait staff to regularly check up on you or refill your water, you should possibly go somewhere else or bring a canteen. This is a restaurant where you come for the food and overlook the head-level light fixtures. The various signs may call the restaurant different names ("Chengdu Style Restaurant" vs "Chengdu Taste Restaurant"), and the menus may have cryptic messages like "Production in Kind Shall Prevail" that likely originated from a mistranslation. This is not a bug but rather a feature. These are the things you will remember forever and fail to convey to your children as you tell them how incredibly good the food really was.

Chengdu Style is permanently closed as of July 15, 2023, due to planned redevelopment of the University Mall.


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