A picture of the Cat from 2002

Urban art can appear (and disappear) in the most unexpected of places. For example, someone painted the face of an orange cat on one of the storm water discharges along the arboretum next to the footbridge just east of the Mrak Hall Drive bridge. The cat's face was orange with white teeth showing in its grin. The cover went missing in the Summer of 2005 and has remained so for some time. But, perhaps like the Cheshire Cat it will reappear.

The Cat in its invisible phase (cover missing)

There is a rumor that a girl painted it her freshman year (more than 10 years ago) and didn't reveal her identity until after she graduated, for fear of getting in trouble.

There's another one, though not even nearly painted as well, near the end of the Arboretum, out past the Gazebo. Looks like someone outlined the "ears", and painted a small cat-like face in orange.