Ah yes, chess, the game of kings...

Chess is a board game which some enjoy playing. Others use it as a method by which to establish intellectual and territorial dominance, and thus some individuals find it embarrassing when they lose to their 7-year-old relatives.

The UC Davis Chess Club is the official Chess Club for UC Davis.

Here are some places in Davis that will supply you with a chessboard/pieces upon request:

There are also a few places that have chess boards or patterned table tops, but you must bring your own pieces (or make your own by designating salt shaker as a King, ketchup bottle as Bishop, etc. for some additional amusement):

  • Avid Reader - Downstairs in the lounging area (and whoever stole that pawn a while ago, please bring it back!)
  • The Candy House of Davis
  • Are there any parks that have chess boards built into the table top?

Java California had several chessboards, but have gone out of business.

Shot Checkers is similar to chess, but has an entirely different objective.

Chess Quotes

"I played God, gave Him an extra pawn and I still won." - Wilhelm Steinitz


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2005-09-20 22:15:31   Is there a Davis Chess Club that's unaffiliated with UCD? —ZacharyNorwood