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The Chess Club at UC Davis, formerly the UC Davis Chess Club, was established in mid-2008 by a group of enthusiastic players seeking to promote chess. The club currently has a roster of around 60 active members, with playing strengths varying from learners to National Masters (NM). During Tuesday nights, the club typically participates in Sacramento Chess Club tournaments, often achieving outstanding results.

For Fall Quarter 2014 - current meeting times are:

  • SATURDAYS from 11am-1pm @ the Farmer's Market
  • Other meetup times will be announced soon.

Among the club's previous activities for 2008-2009 are:

  • Champions of the Sacramento Team Chess Championship
  • Joint-champions of the Berkeley Open 2009 (NM James and Zach)
  • the Fall 2008 Chess Tournament
  • the Winter 2009 Round Robin Blitz
  • the Spring 2009 Rapid Tournament
  • Chess Lecture on "Opening Strategy", "Gameplans", and "Endgame Themes" by National Master (NM) James Heiserman
  • Chess Simul by NM James and Zach
  • Chess interviews by Lauren and Barbara Goodkind, two top 100 female players in America

The club was featured on the front page of The California Aggie on "April 13th" and also the Features page of DavisWiki.org for two weeks!

Interested individuals can join the club's webpage at "Chess Club at UC Davis" on Facebook, check out the club website.


UCD Knights emerged as champions of the Sacramento Team Chess Championship on 03-11! After seven intensive weeks, the team achieved a final match point (MP) score of 6/7, 1.5 MP ahead of their nearest competitors. UCD Bishops also performed valiantly against the best players in the Sacramento arena. Congratulations teams!



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2009-01-30 14:13:27   I wonder how badly a chess club member would lose to the guy who hangs out in the MU, or the other guy in town who "eats" pieces with his "yum yum" —StevenDaubert

2009-02-21 17:29:50   The Chess Club has several outstanding players — in fact both teams are dominating the best players in the current Sacramento Team Chess Championship! —staris7

2012-12-28 15:06:18   Is this page still active? —bnolan1

2013-02-03 22:44:39   The Chess Club is currently meeting between 10-12 on Fridays in the UC Davis Coffee Shop. Players of all levels are encouraged to come and play! —TylerWilken

2013-11-12 13:34:10   Current meeting times (as of November, 2013) are: Thursday at the UCD Coffee House from 11-1, and Saturday at the Farmers' Market (on the central wooden platform) from 11-1. Check out the Facebook page (link above) for more details and current info. —scottfischbein