The brothers of the Chi Phi Fraternity.


217 Russell Blvd

Davis, CA

Year Established (Locally)
May 31st, 1969
Local Website
National Website
Armaan Kapadia 
Vice President

Paul Osuna-Kleist 

The local Sigma Delta Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity is part of the nation's oldest fraternity - Founded at Princeton University in 1824, Chi Phi has over 50 active chapters with over 43,500 living alumni. Established at UC Davis in 1969, the brothers of the Sigma Delta chapter are involved in all facets of campus life, including service organizations to ASUCD and ROTC. 

Chi Phi is a member of the UC Davis IFC.

Why Chi Phi?

Since 1969, the brothers of the Sigma Delta chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity have lived in Davis, CA on the values of Truth, Honor, and Personal Integrity. Located across the street from the University of California, Davis, the brothers demonstrate a steadfast dedication to academic achievement, community involvement and participation in the Greek community. As soon as new members join, they are exposed to a group of dedicated men that form life-long friendships and bonds. Dedication to the groups success ensures that all brothers are built into better men in every regard. Brothers are involved in groups on campus such as: The American Institute of Chemical Engineers, KDVS student radio, Ski or Snowboard Club Staff, Engineers without Borders, ASUCD, and many others!

Brothers that study together, succeed together

As one of the few fraternities on campus that owns their own house, we cherish and protect our chapter house and hold most events on location. The house cultivates a very busy and high energy culture that is always changing, depending on who lives in. The one thing that never changes is the buzz of activity surrounding busy young men as they pursue their passions. After graduating, brothers find themselves in the extensive, nationwide alumni network, which brings individual success in the form of internships or jobs that other graduating seniors do not have access to.


Haunted House

Ride 'til You Can't No More


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