Chi Rho Omicron, Inc. (XPO) is a Filipino American based brotherhood and part of Fil-Am at UC Davis. Their mission statement is as follows - The purpose of Chi Rho Omicron shall be to promote the understanding, enrichment, and appreciation of the Pilipino culture, history, and heritage through a brotherhood/family environment; to instill the desire for self-improvement, scholastic excellence, and the cultivation of civic responsibility. As such, they are involved with community service in the Filipino American community and causes like the reconstruction of the International Hotel and the fight for equity for Filipino World War II veterans.

Founded on February 16, 1995 at the California State University, Fresno campus, the brotherhood has expanded to seven campuses, including San Francisco State University, California State University East Bay, University of San Francisco, California State University, Sacramento, University of California, Davis, and California Polytechnic University, Pomona. UC Davis is home to Zeta chapter, which was founded on June 28, 1999. As of April 2006, XPO has 32 active brothers in Davis. Many of them are of non-Pilipino ethnic origins.

Visit their webpage at for more information, profiles of brothers, a list of upcoming events and a photo gallery.


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