Chia-Saun Lai was the ASUCD President from Winter 2002 - Winter 2003. His biggest accomplishment was enacting the Campus Expansion Initiative, and thus the move to Division I for UC Davis. Many have been critical of him and the Student Focus slate, of which he was a part, for this, due to the increased financial burden it levied on the students of UC Davis. Many other students are thankful for what Chia's work has given the campus, and of the future increased value of their degrees as a result of moving the school to a higher profile.

Chia-Saun Lai's Initiative was passed by the student body in a student referendum. This investment in the future of UC Davis provided the necessary funds: (1) to enable UC Davis to transition from a Division II to Division I athletics program; (2) to build a new student health center; (3) to build a new student resource center (for housing the Cross-cultural Center, LGBT Center, and the Women’s Resources and Research Center, etc.); (4) to renovate the ASUCD Coffee House; and (5) to expand the services of ASUCD Unitrans. While Saun's name has been forgotten by most, his legacy will live on forever.

His ASUCD Supreme Court Chief Justice pick governed the Association's judicial body until almost four full succeeding ASUCD Presidential terms had transpired. Lai knew how to select a Chief Justice with longterm impact.

Chia-Suan's parents purchased a house for him in Davis, following his graduation he rented it to another ASUCD President, Kalen Gallagher.

He was also known as C.S. Lai, and his name is basically pronounced "Sha-Shawn".