2102 Hart Hall, UC Davis
Monday thru Friday

Taken from the UCD General Catalog - "The Chicana/Chicano Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on the Chicana/Chicano experience through an analysis of class, race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, and cultural expression. The program offers a major leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor that can satisfy breadth requirements for the College of Letters and Science. Both the major and minor frame an analysis within the historical and contemporary experiences of Chicanas/os in the Americas. The major gives students an opportunity to specialize in one of two emphases: Cultural Studies or Social/Policy Studies. Students in the major are expected to read, write, and speak Spanish at a level suitable for future study and work in Chicana/o and Latina/o settings. There are no language requirements for the minor, and all Chicana/Chicano Studies courses are open to students in any major."

Chicana/o Studies is currently under the department of Ethnic Studies and housed in Hart Hall. The Chicana/o Studies will be petition soon to UCD to become its own department.

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