Types of Child Care

There are a number of options for child care in Davis:

  • Traditional daycare and preschool centers*
  • Licensed Daycare providers who operate from their own homes
  • Nannies/babysitters who operate from your home
  • The UC Davis Center for Child & Family Study (CCFS)
  • Hutchison Child Development Center on campus.

    Note: Preschools provide an educational environment for part of the day to children usually around 3-6 years old; daycare providers offer care for part or all of the day to children with ages spanning three months old to six years old.

Child Care Businesses


  • Child Care Services Resource & Referral (link?) - Yolo County child care referral service (link goes to City of Davis Web information page). This organization provides a free customized list of providers with openings who fit your criteria for age, type of care needed, and language spoken. The list is sent in a packet with lots of other useful information. Covers traditional day care centers and day care providers who operate from their own homes; their information is updated frequently. They also offer information on how to check the licenses and complaint files of child care providers.
  • The Wiki's Schools page lists the established preschool and daycare centers in town.
  • Student Job listing service Post a classified for a UC Davis student nanny/babysitter. Obtaining login ID generally takes one business day.
  • Center for Child & Family Study Services provided with a research mission.

Related Resources

  • Parents Together (link?) - Hosted by the City of Davis, Parents Together is a popular way for new parents to meet each other and share information. Must have a child 12 months or under to participate.
  • Mom's Circle (WayBack machine copy) was an anonymously hosted Web site that provides information for Davis parents. It's a comprehensive resource, including everything from information on doulas to prenatal massage, but it's difficult to tell how often it's updated. Also provides a login-based Yahoo discussion group that appears to have some activity and a deserted classified service (try Craigslist.org instead).
  • Baby classifieds on Craigslist, which covers the greater Sacramento area, including Davis.


  • It was only a few years ago that UC Davis began providing on-campus childcare, making it the last of the UCs to implement this program.