The youth of Davis rejoice the coming of summer. Teens often enjoy a substantial increase in the number of available parking spaces downtown. But inevitably, boredom strikes, parents start pulling out their own hair, chaos ensues.... But this can be avoided by enrolling in summer programs. Most are fee-based.

Major Program Providers


The Davis Joint Unified School District offers K-12 summer school not only for remedial courses, but also for additional enrichment ("fun" courses) or to get ahead (especially in math, health and social sciences). Teenagers that meet age and education requirements may also enroll in summer sessions at UCD or Sacramento City College.

  • Peregrine School offers a Kindergarten Kickstarter camp for children entering kindergarten, as well as many camps for kids entering grades 1-6

High-Achieving Programs

General Day Programs

* Rock Band University has summer semesters run through the city

Overnight Excursions

Dance and Performance Programs

Dance Camps & Visual and Performing Arts Camps

  • The Muse Company - Performing Arts Camp

    Students will work with professional directors, choreographers, vocal directors and theater professionals to mount a full scale theater production in two weeks! Productions include full sound, lighting, extensive sets, costumes and publicity.

    The camp will conclude in a popular mainstage musical production.

    For More Information visit , or email

  • The Pamela Trokanski Dance Workshop offers week long dance camps for children, in addition to the young artist camps with experiences in multiple art forms for children. They also offer intensives for the more serious pre-teen and teen dancer in specific technical styles. Visit the web site for more information.
  • Dance Camp at UC Davis-Youth Programs
  • Peregrine School offers a dance camp for children entering grades 4-6 with extended hours available.
  • SynRG- offeres week long dance camps, 2 hours a day 5 days a week. Offering classes in Latin dance, Capoeira, Irish, and a World Dance Series. Spanish Immersion dance offered for pre-kindergarteners. Classes for 5-7 year olds and 8-13 year olds.

Arts and Crafts



Foreign Language and Humanities

  • Peregrine School offers introductory foreign language camps in Chinese and Spanish for children ages 5-9 and camps in history and literature for children ages 5-14
  • SynRG- Spanish Immersion dance offered for pre-k. 


Also see Youth Sports






  • Peregrine School offers a Ride All Day (RAD) bike camp for children ages 8-13


  • Every summer, Rocknasium hosts a Summer Camp for kids ages 6 to 14. Their summer camp program gives kids a chance to have an awesome week of climbing and climbing related fun in an exciting setting with cool challenges and a group of other fun kids! This summer their theme is “Pirates of the Carabiner Summer Camp!” - get your kids in shape to be awesome swash-buckling adventurers on the high-seas of Rocknasium! Your kids will learn self-confidence, coordination and camaraderie through the thrill and challenge of rock climbing.




Other Summer Deals

  • The Davis Public Library has a summer reading program every summer. Usually there are two programs: one for Kindergarten through sixth graders, the other for 7th through 12th graders.
  • Yolobus offers a "Summer Sizzler" bus pass for youth under age 18, valid from June 1st through August 31, for only $15. Without the pass, youth pay $.35 per ride, and ride for free on Spare the Air days

Programs for young children

Many summer programs are for school-age children. Please share your ideas about summer activities for younger children.


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