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The Chinese Student Association (CSA) is a registered student organization with emphasis on promoting Chinese culture here at UC Davis. Our goal is to also help students enjoy life in between their busy student lifestyle and at the same time give them an opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture. We would also like to achieve the followings: Cantonese Speaking, Live Elevating, Community Building and Heart-warming. Through our many events, members are able to take a break from their busy student life and build bonding relationships among members. In addition, we have partnered with businesses throughout the Northern California region so that our members can receive many benefits that meet their lifestyle. CSA is a place where you can meet new friends, hang out, and have fun. No matter what language you speak and where you are from, we encourage you to join our family.

Main event:

Welcome Night: Welcome Night will be hosted at the beginning of every fall quarter and students will be provided with food and beverages. Different activities will be hosted for students to get to know each other.

Annual Karaoke Contest: The annual karaoke contest is one of the biggest events from Chinese Student Association. It’s usually held in Wright Hall during winter quarter. Numbers of contestants perform their singing skill in front of hundreds of audience to compete for prizes.

Dance Party at KetMoRee Thai Kitchen: Wanna show off your swag in Davis? Come join us at KetMoRee!

Speedfriending: Speedfriending event is the best place for people to meet and know new friends in UC Davis. Freshmen and Transfer students' favorite!

Variety Sports event and tournament: Show your skill! Join basketball, soccer and other events to make friends and win prizes!

There are more events going on in CSA. Join our Facebook page for more information!

Discount Card:

With our discount card you may get discounts at the following locations throughout the school year of 2012-2013. Contact us if you are interested in getting a discount card!

1. Ketmoree Thai Kitchen (Davis)

2. Red 88 Noodle Bar

3. Tutti Fruitti (Davis)

4. Bluemoon Cafe and KTV (Sacramento)

5. Open Rice Kitchen (Davis)

6. Brown Sugar Bubble Milk (Sacramento)


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2018-01-26 11:39:51   Hi I work with a local child care center and wanted to reach out to your group to potentially collaborate on a Lunar New Year celebration with the kids. I don't have access to Facebook so I was hoping to get into contact with someone on here if possible. —jess_hedgecoth