Mail:Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
        State Capitol Building
        Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax: (916)445-2841
Phone: (916)445-2841

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

I urge you to sign AB 1294, giving Davis and all other California cities the option of using choice voting for municipal elections. Davis voters have shown strong support for choice voting, but the red tape imposed by current state law has prevented us from exercising local choice.

Choice voting first gained support in Davis after the Davis Governance Task Force made choice voting the top recommendation in their report back to the City Council. The City Council then put choice voting before the people as an advisory measure. The vote showed us that a strong majority of Davis voters want choice voting in Davis.

Despite all the support behind choice voting, state red tape has prevented Davis from making this decision locally. This bill would give general law cities the same opportunity to use choice voting that charter cities now enjoy. That's why the Davis City Council unanimously endorsed AB1294.

Give the power back to the people. Sign AB1294.

Sincerely, [YourNameHere]