Chris Rood, more commonly known as 'Twiggie', or 'Professor Twiggie One-Ball', is a scrawny guy with a degree in ECS.

He is a candidate with the Elections Committee Slate. Some might object to Rood running, seeing as he is no longer a student, but the Elections Committee is already preparing an official statement for after the election: "It has come to our attention that one of the candidates was not properly checked for eligibility at the beginning of the election. This is an unfortunate mistake, but, well he did get all those votes so I guess we have to give him the seat, because if the elections committee would have just told him he wasn't a student at in the beginning, we think he would have enrolled and would have been eligible and still won."

He was your average run of the mill engineering student, except for his association with Students for an Orwellian Society, and has been known to dress up for Halloween as a french chick named Janet, a priest with a crucified, stuffed fetus, and our dearest governor without the steroids. He's the Minister of Peace for the Orwellians (MiniPax), and is therefore in charge of declaring peace on other organizations. As part of this duty, he was campaign manager for Friends Urging Campus Kindness.

The nickname "One-Ball" was gained after a painful incident while sparring with RevChad.

Also, if he refuses to change his own page, he will be forever known as MarieHuynh's bitch.

Plus, contrary to popular belief, Twiggie says "I'm not anorexic, I'm just fucked up."