The Christian Democratic flag, the Flag of Slovakia with a cross reduced and yellow text introduced on the second and third horizontal fields.

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The Christian Democratic Party, formerly the Christian Slate, was a UC Davis SPAC-registered political club that only had two active, known members, Steve Ostrowski and Ronald Payne. Its primary member was Steve Ostrowski. Total group membership was considered basically just Steve Ostrowski and a friend or two (although this is debated by Steve, who claims there's a larger "unknown" membership), although at one point the group did contain 5 people who signed as "Officers" in order to register with SPAC. They consisted of Steve Ostrowski, Ronald Payne, and three others who decline to publically affiliate themselves with the group. Most people don't think the officers were or are still actively involved with this group.

The Christian Democratic Party supported Measure K and worked on the Yes on Proposition 85 campaign in Yolo County. This included campaigning in Davis, Woodland, and Winters. (Proposition 85 was similar to Proposition 73, parental notification for minors who want to have an abortion.) Both bills were defeated by wide margins in this county. What actual support they gave or work they put in is also up for debate, as the visibility of their support and work was very low, and the method of campaigning is unknown.

The mention of a political party with a partly religious agenda has drawn criticisms from those in the community, and a few out of towners, who feel this would be a blow to the separation between church and state. Steve Ostrowski feels that trying to rally a Christian constituency is no different from rallying any other sort of one - that even if religion is a touchy subject in the modern world. Additionally, some Christians have objected to the party as their platform doesn't reflect Christianity and they feel that the name of Christ is being exploited for political gain. However, some people also say that the CDP uses Christianity to support its non-Christian agenda. Other people say that the slate is just an attempt to gain attention by the Party Speaker. The slate generally isn't taken very seriously, and is often mocked, such as the creation of the ASUCD Jewish Slate.

The Jewish Slate was formed in order to mock the CDP's original name, the Christian Slate.

Purpose Statement

This group was designed to explore the possibility of creating a Christian political party on campus, an opposition party to LEAD dominance in ASUCD government, and to provide a new political force in Davis. The purpose of this political party is to do a number of things.

1. To advance the Christian Democratic agenda in the ASUCD government with the eventual control of the Senate, Executive, Courts, and committees.

2. To create more awareness of the ASUCD system. Historically, the voter turnout has been lower than 10%. This party wants to work to encourage a dramatic increase in that turnout.

3. To provide debate and discussion within the Christian community.

4. To promote local, state, national, and international campaigns relevant to Christians along with charitable programs.

While this political party does invoke the name of Christian in order to unite and provide discussion within the Christian community, they claim that non-Christians are welcome to join the party in all of its functions. As is shown by their repeated offers to get Jewish students to run for Senate with them as well as the presence of a couple of atheists in its early leadership structure.

"You, the members with your input will determine the direction and platform of this party."

Fall Election Results 2006

Kirk Cowgill was the slate's first candidate to run for a seat in the ASUCD Senate. He received only 56 out of 3621 first place votes (1.6%). He was by far the least preferred candidate, being eliminated in the first round in the Choice Voting system and receiving 174 last place (#17 out of 17 candidates) votes, which was far more than any other candidate. Two of the six candidates the party endorsed (Eric Friedman and Mara Harris) were elected to Senate.

Winter Election Results 2007

Ronald Payne was the slate's second candidate to run for a seat in the ASUCD Senate. He received 60 out of 4,374 first place votes and was eliminated in the second round.

Winter Election Results 2008

Although Joseph Bleckman did not win the ASUCD Presidential Election, following CDP's endorsement of him he received over 500 votes.

Future Plans

CDP is currently working with Solidarity to regroup before the Fall Elections, what with the Winter 2008 election effectively hitting the reboot button on the past two years of ASUCD. What's old is new again!

Employment for Students

They want to employ students to work in advertising for the The Davis Enforcer. Employees will gain commissions for successfully landing ad deals.


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2006-11-08 23:55:12   I didn't see anyone campaigning for yes on 85 anywhere in Davis...and Yolo county also rejected the amendment by a 25.6% margin —TylerFelix

2007-02-24 00:57:59   I'd like to see something more come out of this other than political nonsense... —CarlosOverstreet

2007-02-25 22:15:58   Oh man, sometimes coming back and reading the wiki really makes my day. Man! Selling cell phones. I never would have thought of that. —JillWeinstein

2007-03-02 14:44:37   First off, you have a flag, that walks the line of copyright issues... all you did was delete off one portion of the cross and slap your group's title on the flag and claimed it as yours. The campaigning was close to nill for the aforementioned propositions and until I was actually voting, I didn't see anything before (exluding internet sources) to show that this party existed or even fielded candidates. —CarlosOverstreet

2007-08-11 03:29:40   So, apparently the Christian Democratic Party is neither Christian, nor Democratic, nor a Party? —RichardYeh

2007-10-04 14:33:49   the CDP flag is one of the worst combinations of ethnic nationalism and religion I have ever seen in a flag. if I didn't think steve was ernest, it'd be funny. —PxlAted