Okay, so most of Christian's shows are in Sacramento, but he counts as local because he's a grad. student and English instructor at UCD. He has had write-ups in The California Aggie and has appeared on Live in Studio A on KDVS. He also makes rare appearances at the G Street Pub.

His music is probably best described as Americana—a mix of folk, rock, country, whatever. Christian's shows in the past have included such instrumentation as banjos, steel guitar, saw blades, pump organ, mandolin...you name it. It's really smart music, and usually mellow. But he can certainly rock out if he's of a mind to. I once saw him draw blood while playing the banjo.

Check out samples, show dates, and info at his website.

He's also a staff writer for SNR, and did a write-up on Rob Roy and the Pirate Ship in the 2004-11-04 issue.