Christine Craft is a Sacramento liberal talk show host, aired weekdays 3-6pm on KSAC 1240AM. She is very active in local grassroots liberal politics, mainly in the form of staging protests. A McGeorge Law School graduate, Christine is highly articulate and usually fair-minded, but occasionally defensive and uncivil with callers she strongly disagrees with, like most AM radio jocks. You can call in to Christine's show at 916.766.1240.

On December 5, 2005, Christine took issue with the ASUCD resolution urging Chancellor Larry Vanderhoef to ban military recruiters from UCD campus, on the grounds that a public university campus should not block any forms of speech, and asked whether the students who drafted this resolution would be so high-minded if the ban cost them something, like for instance if federal grants and loans to UCD students were contingent on recruiters' having access to the UCD campus.

  • As perhaps the most active ASUCD Senator with this resolution I called in the next day to give my side of the story and she brushed me off, allowing me to be on the air briefly, and then she essentially hung up on me even though I said nothing rude or overly contentious. - RobRoy

In 1983 Ms. Craft brough a lawsuit for breach of contract against her former employer Metromedia, Inc., an ABC affiliate, which had terminated her allegedly on the basis that she was "too old, too unattractive and wouldn't defer to men". Through various appeals her suit reached the Supreme Court which declined to hear the case, although Justice Sandra Day O'Connor voted in the minority to hear it, a fact which Christine refers to frequently on her show. She sounds ditzy at times on the air and appeals to serious dumbshits, but the following link will attest she is no slouch: