Clinica Tepati is a non-profit community healthcare clinic located at 1820 J street in Sacramento that is open only on Saturdays. They work to provide healthcare to the uninsured and underserved Latino/Chicano population of Sacramento. Clinica Tepati is one of the UC Davis student-run clinics associated with the School of Medicine.

Clinica Tepati has been connected to UC Davis since its beginning in 1974. For many years the clinic ran out of Capital Health Center at 1500 C Street, a Sacramento County clinic. However, due to the economic crisis of 2008, the Sacramento Board of Supervisors voted to close the Capital Health Center, forcing Clinica Tepati to relocate.

UC Davis undergraduates and medical students banded together to protest the decision. In February of 2009 the members of Clinica Tepati joined with another non-profit healthcare clinic, The Effort, and worked out a plan to allow Clinica Tepati to run out of their facility on Saturdays.

There is also a related student organization on campus which promotes student involvement in the clinic.

Clinica Tepati typically holds interviews for new members in the first two weeks of Fall and Spring Quarters. Toward the end of Spring Quarter, information is given out regarding the Summer Internship, a position that lasts only for summer.

Members of Clinica Tepati must be current UC Davis undergraduates, be available to work at least three Saturdays per quarter, and be able to attend Monday night meetings at 6:10pm on the UC Davis campus. Additional requirements can be found on their website or during their mandatory information nights. Spanish speakers are highly encouraged to apply; however, Spanish is not a requirement.

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2008-03-30 19:00:27   Actually, Clinica Tepati is a completely student-run clinic (undergrads and med students). I know because I used to volunteer there back in the day. It's wonderful program and I encourage students to apply and for a position; particularly those who are interested in a medical career. —CurlyGirl26