There are several classes that could be considered the epitome of UC Davis:

ABT 49
Field Equipment Operation
2 units
Pass/No Pass only
a.k.a "Tractor Driving"
Introduction to Animal Science
4 units
GE Credit: SciEng, Writing
Learn all about livestock while perfecting your sheep-flipping and cow/goat-milking skills!
Introduction to Brewing and Beer
3 units
GE Credit: SciEng
FST 10
Food, Folklore, & Health
3 units
You can also take this class in China on UCD Summer Abroad
MUS 106
History of Rock
4 units
GE Credit: ArtHum
NUT 10
Discoveries and Concepts in Nutrition
3 units
GE Credit: SciEng
Plants Gard, Orch & Land
2 units
Harvesting your own vegetables (formerly PLB 1)
PLP 40
Edible Mushroom Cultivation
2 units
Introduction to Winemaking
3 units
GE Credit: SciEng or SocSci
HDE 12
Human Sexuality
3 units
GE Credit: DIV
HIS 111 Series
Ancient History
4 units / 3 classes
GE Credit: ArtHum

Is it just me, or has this list gone beyond what it was intended to be? I'm not sure HDE 12, HIS 111, or MUS 106 can be considered uniquely representative of UC Davis. HDE 12 and HIS 111, for example, could be found in almost any college in this country.

  • No it's not just you; for the love of god, please delete them!
  • "What makes His 111 unique is not the material but the man. Stylianos Spyridakis is a legend."
    • I agree. This should be a list of notable, rather than unique, UCD classes. I doubt there are many (any?) courses with truly unique content. HIS 111 is absolutely "classic" when Spiro teaches it. —JonathanLawton
      • Then maybe we should note that in the table? —hankim