Classroom Survivor, the comic that distinguished JohnDudek as a competent comedian and comic artist, was brought onto the scene in the school year of '02-'03. The original idea behind the story was that eight students from a high school class would be locked in that classroom until only one was left surviving. This story was backed with comical interpretations of various students within the classroom, and their antics. The comic gained a large fan base within the underground comic community at Holmes Junior High School, and now at Davis Senior High


  • The original Classroom Survivor is currently lost.
  • The second Classroom Survivor, written in the '03-'04 school year, is hidden away somewhere in JohnDudek's room, along with a thousand other drawings and comics.
  • Last year, Classroom Survivor failed to even start after a failure of ideas.

It is rumoured that JohnDudek is currently working on character sketches for a new '05-'06 Classroom Survivor, but rumours have not been proven true.

A cover picture will be posted soon for the '03-'04 Issue

Other Work

  • Ghost: The Beginning: The story of a cat and a fox who get lost in another dimension
  • S.F.A.: Co-written with Walter Moulton, a stick figure comic series about a team of superheroes
  • The Enlightenment: Co-written with Walter Moulton, a weekly edition story about three guys trying to find enlightenment, for their own reasons. The idea died away after a while due to a lack of fan base.


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