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1440 Surge II
M-F 8am-10pm
(530) 752-3333
Web site

The Classroom Technology Team is part of the Learning Spaces group in Academic Technology Services. Their offices are located in Surge II, however technicians generally spend most of their time out on job sites.

The Classroom Tech Team is responsible for installing and maintaining the audio-visual equipment in classrooms and lecture halls. Many campus departments also hire them via recharge to install audio-visual systems in their departmental rooms. CTT monitors the classroom hotline approximately 8am-10pm - most classes fall in this window. However, chances are good somebody will still answer after 10pm.

The day crew works approximately 8am-5pm. Mostly, they work on new installations. They also respond to calls from instructors who are having problems with a classroom media cabinet. They assist professors who are unsure of how to use the equipment and also make emergency repairs. However, they often do not have time in between classes to make major repairs - which is where the night crew comes in.

The night crew works approximately 6pm-2:30am. They spend most of their time doing maintenance and repairs in classrooms (the middle of the night is the only time the classrooms aren't in use). Technicians visit each classroom once or twice a week for a complete inspection and test of the multimedia systems. They also make more involved and time consuming repairs that can't be done during the day. Technically, they are supposed to kick out unauthorized Wellman movie-goers or groups without reservations. Especially during the fall, the technicians take a lot of flack from student groups who either don't bother to reserve a room for their meeting or reserve one room and think that it entitles them to take over the whole building. But really, the technicians don't like kicking people out. If you treat them nicely, they will often try to accommodate you. (Case and point: DRAGON only reserves one room in Wellman, but they end up using most of the second floor. But because most DRAGON-goers are reasonably polite, CTT tries to service the second floor by Thursday night each week. It doesn't always happen, but the effort is made.)

The CTT night crew has been featured in UC Davis Magazine and IT Times