Clay S. Quessenberry served on the City Council from 1/20/1947 to 4/20/1950. Served as Mayor from 1948 to 1949.

(excerpted from Quessenberry's Drug Store )

"Quessenberry's Drug Store used to be downtown. It has passed into Davis history. It was located on 2nd Street, in the middle of the block between E and F Streets. The Avid Reader Bookstore now occupies the site. Quessenberry's fell victim to the corporatization of pharmacies, as did the Star Pharmacy (also on 2nd, at the northwest corner of 2nd and D). Originally owned and operated by Clay Quessenberry, the pharmacy continued in business after Quessenberry's death in the early seventies (1971?), until sometime in the mid-eighties when it finally closed...."