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Clean & Bright is a cleaning service.


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2013-08-07 11:48:32   My landlord required our house and carpets to be professionally cleaned at the end of our lease. My roommates and I had Clean & Bright out yesterday to clean our place. They spent much more time than I expected and did a great thorough job! It was nice that they were able to do both house cleaning and carpets in the same day making it much easier on us for scheduling. They also gave us a student discount making the price very comparable to other cleaning services. The owner Richard was very pleasant to work with and I would recommend them to others! —ToniToscano

2014-03-11 15:43:42   Fantastic cleaning service!! We have a huge house with a lot of foot traffic and even when the place is an absolute disaster, they make it absolutely spotless! After having been loyal customers they have even cleaned extra parts of our house for free when needed. The owner is very nice and a pleasure to work with. Hire them and don't look back, you will NOT regret it! —AEPi

2014-06-26 14:34:34   Clean & Bright Cleaning Service cleaned our house for the end of lease inspection. They knew exactly what needed to be done and offered a full cleaning service (including carpets and windows).Excellent job, highly recommend! —margoSurovik

2014-08-31 17:27:56   I was extremely unimpressed with Clean & Bright Cleaning Service. We hired them to clean our apartment at the end our lease. We made an appointment nearly 6 weeks in advance for our apartment to be cleaned the week before our lease was over. They flaked on us for 3 days in a row, everyday *PROMISING* they were just behind and they would be coming the next day. Our lease ended, they never came to clean our apartment and completely screwed us over. Needless to say, we fired them. It sounds like some people have had a good experience, but after our completely unprofessional experience, I just wanted to warn anyone who is considering hiring them to be aware of the flaky nature of this service. —MarissaL

2014-09-02 12:18:38   Clean & Bright= UNRELIABLE, UNPROFESSIONAL, good at SCREWING YOU OVER. I must be completely honest: at first this company and the head guy seemed very nice, offered a better deal than other cleaning services, and seemed credible. However, after failing to communicate about arriving or failing to come to my apartment for the scheduled cleaning I had organized months in advance, I began to wonder if they were a scam. They failed to arrive 3 days in a row for my apartment & I never got notified about it or received an apology. I had to be the one to contact them instead of vice versa, and my roommates and I fired them. I expect a service to know how to not overschedule themselves so they don't give the excuse "we got too busy today." I would NOT recommend Clean & Bright to anyone, and I found them unprofessional, clearly not upholding their promises, and flat our inconsiderate for a lack of communication. (Also, just a sidenote, but shouldn't a professional cleaning service have the option to let clients leave a voicemail? Their message box was constantly full and it was extremely hard to get a hold of them.) When I confronted the main man about their failure to show up, he also pretended like he didn't remember me despite me having several 15-20min. conversations originally with him during the scheduling time. For the record, I've learned that reading Wiki comments isn't enough. I should talk to someone who has used the service before. —AlyssaKuhlman

2014-09-04 15:10:27   I have two parts to this review: 1) the actual cleaning service, and 2) the coordination/communication leading up to cleaning service

1) the cleaning service itself was outstanding, I would 100% recommend Clean and Bright based on their cleaning alone. We had to have our apartment cleaned for our lease move-out date, and it was VERY dirty. They cleaned everything perfectly and clearly put a ton of work and effort into it. It was definitely worth the price, and again, I would highly recommend based on the cleaning.

2) HOWEVER, I completely sympathize with what Alyssa and Marissa commented regarding the coordination and communication of the cleaning service. I called the owner a week before we needed the cleaning, and made an appointment. Richard was very professional and assuring on the phone, so I didn't worry about following up. 2 days before the cleaning, I called because we needed to make a slight adjustment. Thank god I did, because when I spoke to him the second time he had no idea who I was and had none of my information recorded. He was very confusing to talk to on the phone and the conversation left me feeling like this was all a scam. I talked to him probably 5 more times in the next 2 days, trying to figure out if they were going to come to our apartment, because each time he did not have my information and I could tell that if I hadn't kept checking up, they would not have shown up (like the experience that the two girls who commented had).

In the end, I spoke with Richard so many times and made sure he had my information so many times that they did show up, but this was after 5+ phone calls of drilling the information down. My message to Richard and Clean and Bright: your cleaning service is really amazing, and to be clear I am not bashing it at all. We were really happy with your service and I would recommend it to anyone. BUT, your clients (especially college students who are moving out of their leases and are on a tight deadline) NEED clear and reliable communication!!! It should NOT be up to the client to make sure that the service is going to happen, they should be able to put their full trust in you once they make an appointment. I'm writing this review in appreciation of your cleaning service, but also as an opportunity to provide you constructive suggestions for how to communicate better and more reliably, and as a warning to future clients that they may need to do a little work in order to make sure they get their wonderful cleaning service. —KRCuyler