Local (Cybershield) 227 E Street Suite 3 (Between Chipotle and Peet's Coffee)
Local (530)757-2010
National (877)499-6681

Clear is a national wireless internet provider. They provide wireless 3G and 4G broadband that covers almost all of the Davis area (check their coverage map). You can buy a modem to set up wireless internet for your house or choose from their mobile hot-spot selection which will cover your devices (laptop, netbook, phone, game system, etc) on the go.

Their prices are competitive compared to a company like Verizon or Sprint because they have built their own wireless towers and sell their wireless plans wholesale. They are the providers for Sprint's national 4G network so if you are using Sprint you are actually on Clear's network.

Locally Cybershield are Clear's official wireless plan re-sellers.

Of course, if you're looking to "go clear" in a totally different way, our local Scientologists might be able to help you.


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2012-01-24 17:54:10   I just got a Clear box from bestbuy in woodland for $99 (Clear Spot 4G Apollo). Was able to sign up for the $35 plan on the clear website and got online within 10 minutes of unboxing. Speedtest.net gave me about 1.5MB download, which is what I am allotted for $35. I am located in Mace Ranch, near Lake Alhambra and I am able to connect to the "4G" virtually anywhere inside my house. Not the fastest internet, but this is by far the most hassle free internet setup ever. I must say though, I can not watch a 720p youtube video because the connection is too slow. —VinhBoy

2012-09-13 15:58:30   Am beginning to think I may have made a bad move from Comcast to Clear. The signal strength from the same tower can vary by 50% in a 24 hour period, the speeds slow predictably in the morning and stay slow all evening until late at night. My location is in the "best coverage" area. Hard to watch Netflix, HBO - anything that requires any consistent download speed. —DaveyBalaban