Meyer Hall (home of UCD Nutrition Department)

3135 Meyer Hall
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(530) 752-4630
(530) 752-8966
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Clinical Nutrition is a major within the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences designed for those who want to get their RD (Registered Dietitian) certification. The major was originally called dietetics but was changed in the past few years.

People in this major can expect to take your basic chemistry courses 2abc, 8ab, and bio courses bio 1ab, along with upper division courses in food service management, animal biology, nutrition science, food science, and social science. Some people take the chem 118 or 128 series if they prefer to go on to do research in nutrition as a PhD student or go to medical school. If you want to get your RD after college you should talk to an advisor as soon as possible because a lot of units are required. UC Davis is consistently ranked in the top three schools in the nation for their clinical nutrition major, and has the highest pass rate of the RD exam in the nation.


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