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2012-01-19 17:26:37   Perhaps we could archive comments from before the new management takeover— including the more "general comments"— because they seem to be both out of date and a number of problems have been resolved. —MaxMikalonis

2012-01-30 18:38:25   CLUBSIDE APARTMENTS AND THEIR MANAGERS ARE WONDERFUL. I have lived here since September 2011. The owner has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars fixing the place up recently and improvements are continuing. Ben and Kim are nice, honest managers. They work very hard. Some of the negative comments above are as old as six years - take a closer look at this place before you rule it out on old comments that no longer apply. This comment was not requested by the management - I wrote this freely because I am happy with the place and the management. —MarkRowan

2012-04-05 17:48:39   Related to Max's comment above, is there an established practice for formatting comments outside of the comments section? It seems like it would make a lot of sense to put the comments under the "General Comments" section with the rest of the there any kind of precedent for this situation? —LandonEllis

  • There's no real "comment" section — commentary can be the first line, last line or any line in between. If you think there's an insightful comment, observation or fact that's down at the bottom, feel free to move it up to the top so it is more prominent. Here or in any other entry. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards,
  • Hi there JabberWokky, thanks for responding. Looking back I see my question wasn't very clear...I'm more thinking that some of the sentences in the "General Comments" section at the bottom of the page (before the user comments begin) contains some material that is out of date (like referring to the previous managing couple, which was replaced a couple of years ago by new management that has been more helpful). I know that deleting others' contributions isn't necessarily appropriate, so I was thinking that moving some of those old sentences down to the comments section would provide a better representation of the current status of the apartment complex. As it currently stands, I think those "General Comments" aren't really helping people evaluate the current state of the complex. What do you think? I'm just trying to feel out what's generally accepted as valid editing of past content. —LandonEllis
    • Sure... the whole goal is to represent the Clubside Apartments, including the Davis views of Clubside. If there are more representative comments, it makes sense to use them. Just keep in mind that it needs to be honestly representative, not blindly promotional. Others may weigh in, as it's a collaborative process. But in general, if you think you can honestly improve it, go ahead. -jw