Cluster: A term used to describe the grouping style of housing facilities at Segundo North and the new structures being built at Tercero South.

A Cluster is made up of four standard type double occupancy rooms that are divided into two halves by a shared bathroom that is allocated specifically for those four rooms. Each member possesses a card specially designed for access to that bathroom only. The four rooms and bathroom jut out of the structure to allow for more hallway space to encourage social interaction amongst the residents of that specific floor. These rooms have now become the coveted jewel that many incoming freshman strive to obtain. These rooms also include extra long twin beds which can accommodate taller residents. The Clusters at Segundo are also referred to as the "infills".

See infill for explanation of term.

The UC Davis housing site provides some 3D schematics to visually aid in explaining the Cluster facilities at both Segundo and Tercero.