The entry to this side of Lower Freeborn is at the west near the loading dock. The lower room containing the industrial dishwasher is taken over once every year by the Karma Patrol subgroup that manages the returnable dish program for the Whole Earth Festival.

Though the room is beneath the CoHo, it's the part of the MU operated by Sodexho and its catering division.


Dirty dishes go to the... ...dishwasher!

Hallway is for storage... ...and the storage room is for even more storage, yay!


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2010-10-29 18:08:00   So with the new coho renovations does this room still exist as described? —ARWENNHOLD

2010-10-30 00:33:39   yes, pretty sure coho renovations did nothing to catering side of dishwasher area, I know they have a "portable" washing room moored in place at the loading dock as well —StevenDaubert

2010-10-30 09:02:03   It was my understanding that the mobile dishwasher was placed there to at least temporarily replace the dishwashing part of the catering op but that was back in june and I haven't been back to look. Hopefully an adventurous person will go and find out. —ARWENNHOLD